Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday’s Trivialities

It’s been unusually warm (or hot for most people) here lately … hitting the 90’s frequently.  Between the rain that’s been in the forecast every day and the humidity, we’ve had to keep our windows shut and the air conditioner going.  But there’s some relief in sight! 
Weather Update
Of course, this relief comes with a bit of a “price tag” … a front moving through today that will bring unsettled weather, including tornados.  This is another large front that is affecting multiple states. 

I did a walkabout in the garden last night.  We have two zucchini plants … one is looking good and has a couple of blossoms.
photo 1
The other is looking better than it did even as recently as a week and a half ago, but who knows whether we’ll get much zucchini from it. 

We have had a teeny, tiny tomato on one of our plants for a few days now, and I finally was able to get a halfway decent photo of it.
photo 2
We’ve got several blossoms on several of our other plants, so we should be having plenty of BLTs this summer!

I planted some marigolds and basil in the garden while I was out there … I’ve read that they’re supposed to help keep pesky insects away.  I don’t want to use chemical products on our veggies … even the supposedly “safe” ones.  We’ve been learning, years down the road, that so many things previously considered “safe” aren’t so safe after all.  Surprised smile  I don’t want to take any chances with our garden.

No update from DD on how she wants those triangle blocks set, so I’ll continue to work on my hexies.  Winking smile

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. How nice that you already have blooms and fruit.
    I am glad it will be cooling down for you but not tornadoes. I washed windows yesterday, we had a dust storm. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. It looks like the perfect temperature to me!!!

    We picked our first red tomato yesterday and am looking forward to a BLT sandwich. That is the taste of summer to me!

  3. It's always so nice to see the gardens coming, and to anticipate the lovely veggies they'll produce. I can almost taste that zucchini hidden under those little buds!

  4. Now I want a BLT! I'll have to drag the kids to the farm stand to get some big tomato's. I've been picking cherry tomato's from my plant out front. yummy.
    Oh - Had a brainstorm after seeing something online. I now have another hexagon template with the middle cut out so it is a 1/4 inch outline. Lets me mark the sewing line on the inside of my hexagons easier. =) Why it took me 6 months to figure that one out I'll never know!

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  6. Nice to hear it will be cooling down, but scary on the tornado's. We had a tornado watch while we were at Melody's. Nothing came of it though. Hope you have a good day!

  7. Your temps are abt the same as ours. Grateful that it's not getting real hot, real quick! Glad your garden is doing well!

  8. Hope you get lots of tomatoes and zucchini. Have fun quilting.

  9. My garden is doing well too! I even have some little zucchini forming but I did see some squash bugs on the stem. So I picked them off and squashed them. Hope they haven't laid any eggs that will sprout and suck the life out of my plant. I love fresh veggies and hate to use chemicals too. We put a bird feeder up and to thank us the birds help eat the bugs in the garden. It's a great friendship

  10. Hope the tornados don't show up! Your garden is growing nicely. I friend told me she planted Nasturtiums along the edges of her garden for the same reason. Don't know if they worked though. Have fun with the hexies!

  11. Storms forecast for here tonight!

    Bring on the ripe tomatoes! I am ready!

  12. Gee, that will be a shame to have to continue working on your hexies - teeheehee!!! I hope the weather stays calm in your part of the world. That's a real problem with spring/summer - the storms are so dangerous!!! And glad to hear you are being cautious with the chemicals - the things we are learning today are downright scary!!!

  13. Hubby got two rather sizeable tomatoes off his vines today. He was so proud! He's going to have enough for the neighborhood.


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