Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Days In


It’s now 3 days into the New Year.  It’s been a quiet couple of days so far, and it looks like today will be another quiet day here at Chez Nana. 


I’ve set some goals for this new year … so far, so good but there’s always room for improvement.  I’ve debated whether or not to publish my goals, and I’ve decided that I will.  After all, there’s a certain amount of responsibility (and even some accountability) that comes with making them public … and I know that I need all the motivation I need to stick to these (as some of them are previous years’ goals that I didn’t accomplish).

1.  Get healthier spiritually

a.  Read through the Bible in one year

b.  Read more faith-growing books

c.  Spend more time with God

2.  Get healthier physically

a.  Exercise more regularly

b.  Eat better

c.  Cut back on caffeine

3.  Get healthier emotionally

a.  Watch less TV

b.  Spend less time on the computer

c.  Live with an attitude of gratitude

3.  Make more quilts

(Gotta have a “fun” goal, too, right?)


What are *your* goals for 2012?


  1. I like how concise you have made your goals. I think they are all great. Since you already know about mine. :)
    My spiritual goals are to draw nearer to God. To have him refresh my weary soul.
    I have so many projects bouncing around in my head.
    Have a great week,

  2. Hi there, Like you I am hesitant to list any goals--either for myself or publicly. I think my main two are grow closer to the Lord and also get in better shape. I'm walking again but just getting over the cold so don't have the energy I really want. I also have a quilt I need to sandwich and start quilting and some binding to get on but I just don't have the stamina yet.
    Stay inside and stay warm.

  3. That sounds like a great list! My goal is to not get so bent out of shape when things don't go the way I think they're suppose to! :D

  4. That's a great list of goals! I haven't set any yet, but I really should. These days I'm just taking things one day at a time.

  5. Great plan and thank you for listing the plan/goals. I too have goals and a plan. It's time for Do-overs!

  6. I like your goals/plans you made for the new year. My suggestion with the reading through the Bible in a year, if you are following a reading plan and you get off track, don't give up, just keep reading. Might take you 13 months to read through it, but the important thing is you are reading it, right? Good physical goals too, too! (that's a double positive right, too, too, or a skirt for ballet??)

    I like all your goals! I'm really working hard on seeking God this year and not spending a lot of time online.......



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