Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Laid Plans


Did you ever have one of those days where you didn’t accomplish all you had set out to?  That was my day yesterday. 


My morning went according to plan.  We took our lab Abby back for her post-surgical follow up; the vet took her stitches out and said that she was healing nicely.  She did mention that the kind of skin cancer that Abby had was very, very rare in labs.  I laughed when I heard that – nothing, absolutely nothing, is normal about that dog (she doesn’t listen, she is so easily excited, she hates to get wet – to the point where she doesn’t want to go potty when it’s raining). 


We then went for my eye exam.  Turns out both prescriptions have changed – distance and close.  That means time to order new glasses.  Thank God for vision insurance … I’d hate to think what my glasses would cost me if I didn’t have insurance (especially since DH had to get a new pair of glasses a couple of weeks ago)!  Yikes! 


It was AFTER my eye exam that my plan for the days fell apart.  I forgot how long it took for eyes to “un-dilate”.  Instead of working on my new quilt, reading for tonight’s small group meeting or getting outside in the sunny warm weather, I had to sit inside, with the blinds drawn nursing a post-eye exam headache.  Sad smile  I did get a little laundry done, so my afternoon wasn’t completely wasted … but laundry is no fun, especially when I had something a lot more fun/enjoyable that I would have rather done!  Winking smile 



In case any of you are interested in my fabric choices for my blue and white Irish Chain quilt, here’s a picture of one of my strips (forgive the picture quality – I took this late in the afternoon with my iPhone).    I’ll sub-cut this so that I’ll have rows of 3 blocks sewn together – a white, blue and white.  I’ve repeated this with a strip of white with blue strips on either side, so that when it’s sub-cut, I’ll have rows of blue, white and blue blocks.  Those rows will be sewn together to form the 9-patch block portion of my Irish Chain. 

photo (2)

My Irish chain will look like this (except it will, of course, be blue and white):



This afternoon, I get to have 2 Ts over … Mama and the 2 older Ts have got friends coming over, so the 2 littlest ones will come here for naptime.  Red heart 


  1. I've never seen a nine patch like that! Now that's one that I could maybe do - thanks for the picture and idea!

    1. I always called it a nine patch - just in a different setting. But in looking online for some ideas for the border(s), it seems to always be referred to as a (single) Irish chain. I made one for T#4's baby quilt. This pattern is a pretty easy one to piece ... just cut strips with a rotary cutter and ruler. I'm cutting 2.5" strips for the pieced blocks and 6.5" strips for the solid block.

  2. Good morning! That's how most of "my plans" work out, haha...I am love the colors of the new quilt. Glad your dog is OK. Have a good day!

  3. I hope your plans for today go better! The blue and white will be striking! ~Jeanne

  4. Glad your Abby is OK and my Lab doesn't like to out if it's raining either. Glad you got your eyes taken care of, they are valuable for getting the new quilt done.

  5. Glad Abby is ok. Tucker does "strange" things also. He is really a Mom's boy. Hope today goes has planned.

  6. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I always have to have a plan B, cause things never seem to go the way they should. Have a good day today.

  7. Hi there, Love seeing your blue & white strips-so very pretty.
    You are blessed to have vision insurance-we don't and it has been about 8 yrs since I got new prescription glasses and three since I had my eyes checked. I really need to have them checked but have to wait to get over some other medical bills.
    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. I love the material for your quilt. That will be beautiful.

    Have fun with the T's

  9. Glad your lab is on the mend. I get pretty attached to my plans so I know how difficult it can be when things go a different direction....trying to learn to hold my plans a little more loosely.....not an easy task

  10. I am having a day like that today. Hehe. sandie

  11. Oh how I hate to have my eyes dilated! It's way past time for my exam, and I've put it off because of that.

    Today has been that kind of day for me! A day filled with many interruptions--and not getting much accomplished!

  12. Abby does sounds like one of a kind for a lab! Sorry the rest of your day didn't go as planned.


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