Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We’ve been having some trouble with our “on-demand” feature of our cable service.  When trouble-shooting it over the phone didn’t fix the problem, we had to schedule an appointment with one of their tech guys.  He got here earlier this morning, and of course he couldn’t find anything wrong with our signal.  That means that it’s time to replace the receiver.  Of course, the tech guy didn’t have a new receiver in his truck, so he had to go back to the office to get one.  That meant that I had to sit here and wait.  Why is it that I’m perfectly content any other time to sit at home and quilt or read … but when I know that I have to stay home and wait for an appointment, no - that’s when I want to get out or start something that I don’t want to have to stop in the middle of when the tech guy arrives (hence the delay in getting this posted).

We’re still waiting for the lab results on our Abby’s tumors.  She’s healing nicely, and she seems to be in good health … other than the arthritis in her hips (she is 12 after all) and her IBS.  But I can’t help but be concerned about those tumors.

And we’re waiting for our Spring Training trip.  We’ve booked our motel, and we’ve purchased our tickets (which we’re waiting for, too … they should be here next week).  I'm ready to start packing *now*. 

I don’t like waiting … patience is not something that comes to me easily … but I am learning to live in the now, instead of focusing on what I’m (not so patiently) waiting for.  For that, I am thankful.


  1. Hi sweetie, I so know what you mean about waiting for repair men-ugh. Hopefully with a new receiver your DVR will be as good as new-I love being able to record. Going to spring training sounds not only fun but warm too. Have a relaxed afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Did you always have a picture of yourself in your profile?
    Its nice to see you and I am sorry if you have had it there. This is the first time I have noticed.

    1. No, Kimberly, that's new. I added that yesterday afternoon ... probably right before you posted this. I thought it would be nice to have a face to go with the name/blog. ;-)

  3. I love the "On Demand" feature. I finally broke down and got a DVR. I like that too. I hope Abby is all finished with her problems. She's an old lady, like me. Getting old isn't for sissies, as they say.

  4. Hope they got it all figured out! I am home almost everyday but if someone has to borrow my car I feel shut in!

  5. I get that way too if I know there is a package coming and I have to be home to sign for it. It drives me nuts! Hope your tv gets to working again.

  6. Hope the On Demand will be fixed soon and that your Abby will be alright.

    So glad you posted a profile picture. Love being able to see who I'm talking to.

    Have a great day!

  7. Oh, Kathy, I'm not a good "waiter" either but I sure learned a lot in that area while my Daddy was so sick. And, I'm doing much better living in the "here and now."

    I thought I was going to be on the bathroom floor crying last night. Oh, my goodness, that stuff I had to drink was like salty pink lemonade. HORRIBLE! So, so glad it is behind me.

    Anxious to hear about Abby. Blessings!

  8. I don't gracefully deal with waiting myself. Sometimes it's just so hard! Hope by now, your new receiver is installed.

    Your "spring training" trip sounds fun! Spring's practically just around the corner.


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