Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Time for some intentional thankfulness here at Chez Nana.  I have a list a mile long or more of all that I am thankful for, but today I’m going to focus on these:

  • The blessing to be an active part of the lives of my grands.  It is an tremendous responsibility to be entrusted to their care, one that I don’t take lightly.  But with that responsibility comes an awesome blessing, one that I wouldn’t give up for anything.  DH and I dreamed for years and years of retiring to the beach, but when retirement time came, I just couldn’t stand the thought of being so far away from those precious little ones. Red heart

  • The blessing of retirement.  I talked yesterday with my cousin who is ready to be done working full time but not ready to be retired … she can’t imagine what she would do if she weren’t working.  That kind of thinking is just so foreign to me … I couldn’t wait to retire and even retired, I don’t have enough hours in the day.  Winking smile  I’m thankful for the pleasure found in all the things that fill up my day.

  • The blessing of good neighbors.  One of the reasons we were ready to move 3 years ago was the troublesome neighbors we had on either side of us … and God has certainly blessed us with wonderful neighbors here … some of whom have become friends. 

  • Our public library.  I love to read, but I cannot afford to buy all the books I’d like to read.  But I *can* check books out at the library.  And I’m blessed by being able to request books online. 


  1. I think you have a GREAT list of blessings! I have not worked outside of my home in years and years and have heard sooo many times it isn't even funny, "What on earth do you do with your time?" but the funny thing is I have NEVER had a problem filling it. I am looking forward to the day when my hubby can join me though, and then I really will be busy! I wouldn't have moved away from all my grands either...I don't do much in the way of their actual care I will admit (though I did up until a couple of years ago) with the exception of a VERY occasional babysitting, but I am front and center when it comes to just enjoying them. In fact am picking up a couple of them today after school (thursday is their early day) and we are going to see that movie, "We bought a zoo"...And hey, there are always trips to the beach! Enjoy your day!

  2. Love your list this week! Did you ever check out I go on there and trade books with others.

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  5. Okay I will start over, I messed up your post box. Sorry, okay, I love your Thankful Thursday post. I am so thankful for the gift of getting to be around my grand children. When our children were small and some of them not born, my husband's parents moved to Hawaii and my parents moved to Oklahoma.
    Our children didn't grow up with grandparents. It always made me so sad.
    I lived next door to mine and they were always the best influence in my life. I think it is so important.
    I love the library too. I don't know what I would do without it.
    Lovely things to be thankful for today.

  6. So many reasons to be thankful. I know if I had grandchildren I could never move away. My sisters daughter moved and it almost killed her after raising the children most of the time. They are now back and it's heavenly. When I go to Florida I enjoy and love on them like they are my own.

  7. Happy T.T. to you. I never got around to posting today because I've been busy organizing my sewing room-rather straightening it because I have a friend coming over tomorrow who has never seen our nest. Loved your list; I can't imagine not being close to our grands either, but my honey would move to the islands in a heartbeat. Hope you have a wonderful evening and a great Friday.

  8. I always look forward to your Thankful Thursday posts, and your positive outlook on life. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great list and I hear so many others say that they still don't have enough hours in the day, even in retirement. It's wonderful that you enjoy it.

    I'm sure you are highly revered by your Grans and your influence will affect them the rest of their lives. I am so glad that we have one here to be actively involved with and glad that we are free to see our other one quite frequently.

    Blessings for this year!

  10. One of my biggest blessings is being close to my grandchildren as well. I am so thankful to be part of their lives. Love your list

  11. Beautiful things to be thankful for. sandie

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