Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Trivia


I’m confused (ok, so maybe that’s nothing new – ha!).  And I’m blaming Blogger.  When I go to my Dashboard, I see that I’ve published 500 posts.

Blog Posts

But when I go to my Post List, I see that I’ve published 503 posts.

Blog Posts 2

And when I add up the number of posts in my Archive, it agrees with the number in the Post List.

Blog Posts 3


Two out of the three sources say 503 (27 + 198 + 186 + 92 = 503), so I guess that makes it official … I’ve published 503 posts since September, 2010.  But I wonder what my Dashboard did with those 3 posts?


I wish I had checked this information last week … I’ve been hoping to do a giveaway for a milestone post … and 500 posts is a pretty decent milestone.  Of course, that would mean that I would have to have an idea in mind for the giveaway.  So maybe it’s just as well that I didn’t check last week.  Winking smile  Now I need to decide what future milestone I want to celebrate with a giveaway … and get to thinking about what I want to give away.  So stay tuned. 



There was the lightest of dusting of ice crystals/sleet balls when I got up Monday morning.  We’ve got snow in the forecast for today … possibly an inch or two.  I wouldn’t mind some more … maybe those in the northern part of the state could share with us here further south?  The bad news is that there’s a “wintry mix” ahead of the snow … the good news is that the temperature will stay above freezing until 10-11PM. 



It’s still way too quiet here at Chez Nana … I sure do miss those littles.



While checking out the weather this morning (I’ve told you that I’m a weather geek), I saw this article Which State is the Saddest.  I was surprised to see that Illinois is in the middle of the pack … where does your state fall?



I’m putting together a meal plan for the rest of the week.  Those who know me well will know that this is an amazing feat!  Normally I’m doing good to come up with something for dinner by lunchtime. 



My plan for a lazy day yesterday (to rest up from 3 days of the littles) didn’t quite pan out … I spent a good part of the day cleaning and tidying up (I normally clean up and put away as soon as the littles go back home, but by the time they got home Sunday night, it was so late that I collapsed into my chair until bedtime. Winking smile That meant I had toys to put away, beds to strip, bedding to launder and put back on, bathroom to clean up, floors to vacuum … might as well go the “whole nine yards” and do a thorough housecleaning. The good news is that now that it’s done, I can quilt today guilt-free. I mean, it’s National Quilting Month … and I need to get to it, don’t you think?



  1. Wow! Florida is number 34??? Why!!!??? I'm pretty happy, well that is if I'm not sad! :) That's interesting. But I just don't understand why the cold states are happier.....ok....I completely understand Hawaii!

    Meal planning.....oh, that makes me worry! :)

    Have a fun, quilting day.

  2. Oklahoma always ranks low in everything. Maybe that's why we are sad?

  3. Maybe you deleted some posts & thats why its 3 short?

  4. I know that Illinois is at the point of bankruptcy. ;-)

  5. I never understand blogger. Kudos on 503 posts!!!
    I am glad you are feeling back to normal. California is 18 on that list. I am glad I was afraid we would be down the 50th state. If our Governor keeps doing the things he is doing who knows where we will be.
    I hope you have a great day.

  6. Maybe somewhere you wrote them - but didn't post them. They are in holding. LOL

  7. Tn. is 47. At least Ms. is still behind us! :)
    Love your Easter background!

  8. Third happiest state here in Minnesota. I wonder why? The weather is just yucky!

  9. Who knows about Blogger, anymore! Some days it runs smoothly...other days, not so much. More snow? Well, at least it's not a blizzard, right? Rain is moving our direction. The winds have picked up a lot in the last hour. Ooh...a giveaway sounds like such fun and a great way to celebrate!

  10. Congrats on the 500+ posts...that is a milestone! Glad you entered my give away. Excited to see who wins!!

  11. That's strange about those number of posts but way to go on posting over 500! Looks like my state is around 18th on the list. Enjoy National quilting month.

  12. California came in 18th, Montana came in at 6th, maybe I should move back there, LOL, just kidding! I know Blogger keeps track of all my posts, even the ones I haven't published, like I wrote them and then decided to not publish them but didn't delete them. Weird counting system they have!


  13. Weird. Maybe you deleted three posts?

    Perhaps your next milestone could be 555 posts. And you could celebrate by offering 5 prizes. Just an idea. I couldn't come up with anything better. But wow...congrats on going past 500.

  14. Hey you can still celebrate 500! There are no rules about having to do it on the 500th post itself.... it's your block and you can do what you like :*)

    And Good Lord! Tennessee is #47 - yikes! All I can say is they never asked me :*) I suppose there is quite a lot of poverty along the mountain region though and the southern part of Tennessee is also pretty desolate and backward. Oh well - Nashville is one of the best places I have ever lived!


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