Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Another weekend has come and gone.  Time flies when we’re having fun … or when you’re 60+.  Winking smile

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

We wrapped up 10 straight days of 100+ temperatures over the weekend … the second longest stretch of 100+ degree days on record … and we almost made it 11 days on Sunday.  The hottest of all those days was Saturday. 
Summer Heat 011-001

Because it was so hot, I spent most of my weekend indoors.  USA Network had an NCIS marathon Saturday, so I took advantage of being cooped up indoors to watch back-to-back-to-back NCIS episodes while quilting.
Summertime Heat 003I’m making good progress on the quilting of this log cabin … which means it’s time to start planning a quilt shop road trip to get the blue fabrics for my next quilt, a Storm at Sea quilt.

I did get outdoors to check out how our plants are doing.  Our trees are not doing well.
Summer Heat 007
Summertime Heat 004

I think these hostas are officially toast.
Summertime Heat 001
As is our lawn.  Sad smile
Summer Heat 008

We’re still waiting for rain … I fear that by the time we finally get some, it may be too late.  Sad smile


  1. Toast is a good word. I saw people cutting their grass this weekend & it was like a dust cloud. Why bother?

  2. OMGoodness. It does look dry there. Glad the heat finally broke for you.

  3. WOW!! that's a long, long, HOT, dry spell. I can imagine things are toast. Joining you in prayer for that rain...HUGS

  4. wow your poor grass. Ours isn't that bad for it did rain the other night. Hoping rain gets your way soon.

  5. I just bought fabric for a Storm at Sea quilt! I don't have the templates and can't find them around here. Think I might just wing it....we'll see - I could order them. This morning I walked in 70+ degree weather - heavenly! ~Jeanne

  6. Aw, your poor trees and grass...Thank the Lord for the invention of A/C! It's good that you have your quilting to pass the time indoors, huh? I hope you'll receive some rain soon...

  7. That always makes me just sick to see that. The poor plants. I hope the rains get there.
    Your quilt looks great.
    I think I spend more time outside when it is really hot than a normal day. My husband has all of these Japanese maples and I have to go out and make sure they have water. If we have as long of a stretch as you have had lots of our things will be toast too.
    I hope this week is cooler.

  8. Oh, that poor Hosta and grass, they are begging for rain. I hope you all get some soon!

    Such a pretty quilt. Have a lovely week!

  9. Glad you got some quiliting time Kathy! the poor plants! Do hope you guys get some rain so very quickly!


  10. Oh my goodness.....isn't this drought and inferno we're suffering in....isn't it sad?!!!!! [and so is our A/C monthly statement...LOL]

    Your quilting is coming along so beautifully....and I checked out your new and upcoming pattern....beautiful. A wall hanging? What colors are you going to choose for that, I'm wondering.

    A marathon of NCIS....a great way to be entertained if you want my opinion. The new DVD for the past season is going on the shelves in August, so I'll be there when it comes out.

  11. Hoping for rain!! It's definitely been too hot - hopefully things cool down soon! *hugs*

  12. I cannot get over that grass! Ours is dry, but not brown! Thanks for joining in today!

  13. We're finally getting rain this week. Hallelujah!


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