Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I would normally link up to the Weekend Wrap-up over at A Defined Life, but I didn’t take any photos this weekend nor did I do anything photo-worthy. 

I spent the entire weekend quilting and working on a new puzzle.  After a busy couple of weeks, it felt good to just have a quiet weekend with nothing planned.  It was just too stinkin’ hot to get outside to do anything … and USA Network had an NCIS marathon yesterday … perfect entertainment while quilting.

The heat wave continues.

And so does the drought.  May and June were the 6th driest on record, and the forecast for July (so far) is for more of the same.  Sad smile  Our lawn and most of our trees and landscaping plants are showing the effects of the heat and drought … I fully expect that we’ll have to replace some of them next spring. 

My poison ivy (?) outbreak is still itching like the dickens, but I’m thankful that I’ve had only minor spreading and that the itching doesn’t keep me awake all night. 


  1. I'm so afraid we're going to loose some of our trees with this drought too! :(

    That sounds like a perfect weekend - staying in the air & relaxing, doing the things you love.

    Glad the itching isnt bothering you TOO much!!!

  2. You week forecast certainly looks different than ours. ;-(

    I hope the poison ivy is on the way out. ITCHY!!!!

  3. Yes, sometimes quiet weekends are the best! It's been hot here, too! Praying that you get some rain soon...My brother called from Florida last week, to tell me that they'd gotten 20 inches of rain in TWO DAYS--from storm "Debby". From one extreme to another!

  4. Enjoy the heat...stay inside and quilt. It was hot here also this weekend but today seems a bit better. I just hung my clothes out on the line. Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Monday my friend, Your temps look just like ours except we are supposed to drop to the 90's on Friday. Our lawn looks horrid-parts of it look like its dying.
    I just can't get into sewing right now because of the heat.
    So it sounds like you found out the rash is poison ivy...yuck. Are there topical ointments that help? Can you take Benedryl for the itching.
    Hugs today.

  6. Isn't this heat and drought something? I don't remember another year like it but I'm told I'm forgetting 1988. We traveled that summer so maybe that's the reason I don't recall it. Anyway, I'm going to pick up my sewing machine so I can spend the rest of the day quilting. Not sure what we'll do Wed - no fireworks or outdoor fires here...Relax and stay cool! ~Jeanne

  7. It still isn't better? How long does it normally last? I can't believe you are still in the middle of a heat wave. It must be terrible.
    I thought of you yesterday when our humidity level hit 60 percent. Really rare for us, but the monsoon season is hitting Arizona earlier this year and we get the humidity. Not normal it is always in August. I have a hard time breathing when it gets like that. We will be heating up again this week. A hot 4th.
    It sounds like a very nice quiet weekend. I am glad you had one of those.
    Stay cool. Aren't you glad we live in an age with air conditioning instead of when there wasn't even swamp coolers?
    I think about that when it gets hot. :)
    Have a good week.

  8. Goodness, I believe you all are having a worse summer than us. Ugh!

    I thought of you today when I posted about the quilt show that we went to in Dodge City. Just beautiful work!

    Happy week!

  9. It's been really hot here too. My yard is turning brown already.

  10. Poison Ivy-oh no! That is miserable!

  11. Sorry about the poison ivy :(
    Hope things have cooled down for you.


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