Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

This is our indoor reader of the outdoor temperature yesterday afternoon.  Yes, the humidity was 16% … that’s definitely not normal either.  In the heat of the summer, the humidity in these parts matches the air temperature.

And the forecast for the next days days is for much of the same, with another 108 for today with a gradual “cool-down” to a high of 101 on Thursday … with cooler temperatures later next week and maybe even some rain.

I’ve got some kind of contact dermatitis on my left arm.  DD is convinced that it’s poison ivy.  I was outside with her and the Ts Monday evening … I saw a vine-y plant growing at their foundation and tried to pull it out by the roots.  DD wondered, at the time, if it was poison ivy … I responded that I didn’t think so, but since I wasn’t allergic to poison ivy, I’d pull it out for her (she is dreadfully allergic to poison ivy).  I still don’t think that vine was poison ivy, the outbreak is on my arm not my hands, and I was exposed frequently to poison ivy as a child with no reaction whatsoever.  Yet, I have what sure looks like a poison ivy reaction on my arm (the under side about a third of the way from my wrist to my elbow). 

DH is going to the baseball game tonight.  A neighbor had 2 tickets for him and his son, but his son isn’t going to be able to go to the game, so DH is going in his place.  I’ll be watching the game from the comfort of our air-conditioned living room.  Ha!

I noticed yesterday afternoon that the ice tub in our refrigerator had only about a third of the ice it normally does … sure enough, there was another ice cube stuck in the feeder … in the same place that the previous cube was stuck.  I got out my handy hairdryer and by the time I got up this morning, the tub is once again full.  Thumbs up

We’ve got the refinishing of our hardwoods scheduled … Monday July 23.  It’ll be a 3-day job, but we should be able to walk on the floors (in our stocking feet) by evening each day, so we won’t be displaced.  Winking smile


  1. Games are still better live. I went to one in Baltimore and it was fab!

  2. It could be poison ivy. I was around it all the time as I kid too and never got it. Then I got it pretty bad on my arm a few years back after pulling weeds one day. You can develop an allergy to it over time. Zyrtec seems to help if you find it getting worse.

  3. 108 really!!! That is crazy, you sound like you are visiting me.
    I didn't think it got that hot in the Midwest? Stay inside.
    I hope you don't have poison ivy. My Mom was never allergic to it then she started getting break outs like that.
    That must be nasty stuff. We have it in the mountains around here but not in the valley.
    Stay inside and try and stay cool. 16 percent is a lot of humidity.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Like Diane commented, I've heard allergies can change over the years. We still use the plastic ice trays that you twisted to drop out the ice. We certainly got some of that heat on the other end of Illinois yesterday.

  5. As Diane commented, I also heard allergies can change over time.
    We still use the plastic trays that you twist to drop out the ice. The ice maker takes up too much space and money.
    Up here on the other end of Illinois we had a super hot humid day yesterday.

  6. Oh my! Summer has hit, hasn't it? We're expecting a high near 100 today, as well. I think you'll enjoy tonight's game from your cool seat more than your hubby will :)

    Sure hope your arm doesn't turn out to be a reaction to poison ivy :(

  7. Why is your ice tray clogging? Keep that dryer handy!
    Yeah - I'd watch it from the AC too. This heat is miserable.
    Unfortuantely for us, humidity gets CRAZY high here... like 95% - 100% ... the the Ohio Valley curse. Sitting low in a valley, its Sticky-ville!

  8. I thought it was hot here but you have us beat. I hope it isn't poison ivy; maybe you can find some Cadadryl to put on it. We don't get poison ivy here in the west but I've had horrid bouts with poison oak.
    If I were you, I'd stay inside today; does sweating spread poison ivy like it does poison oak?
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. I think with the heat the way it is, I'd be with you watching at home in the air conditioning. :)

    Hope whatever is on your arm will clear up quickly.

  10. That will be awesome having your floors refinished. Way to go on the ice repair again. Sorry about your rash. Hope your husband has fun at the game. Have a great weekend and a happy 4th of July. Stay cool!!

  11. I worry about the ball players and the spectators in this heat. My grandson were playing in it yesterday too.

    That ice maker must be working overtime. I know mine sometimes can barely keep up with my iced tea drinking in the summer. Even in the airconditioning the ice seems to melt faster. It could be my imagination though.

    Hope you get your rash figured out so you can avoid it another time.

  12. It's hot here too. Our heat index is 108. UGH. I have been out in the garden and yard about 3 times- I last about an hour and then have to come in and enjoy the AC. I won't go out again until around 7:00- not that it'll be that much cooler. Thank God for AC. There's no way I'd go to a game of any sort in this heat! I didn't even get in a run today. Yep, when it comes to heat, I'm a wimp.LOL Do you think it could be poison sumac?

  13. I know when I have too much stuff in the freezer, the ice maker doesn't work as well. I've been told air needs to move around the whole space to make it work right...

  14. Somehow I think you'll enjoy the game more in the air conditioned house than in person :)


  15. With temps that high, it could be a heat rash.

  16. It's hotter up here on the formerly frozen tundra of central Wisconsin than it is down at my sister's place on Marco Island FL.

    No lie.


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