Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge


1. What do the words 'freedom' and 'liberty' mean to you? Does your mind go more in the direction of not being persecuted or discriminated against or does it head in the direction of doing what you please?

My mind does go a little in the direction of doing what I please.  There are, of course, limits to doing what I please … personal limits, moral limits and legal limits.  But to a degree, I am able to do what I please.  But it mostly goes in the direction of not being persecuted or discriminated against.  I have neither freedom nor liberty if I am persecuted or discriminated for what I doing whatever I please.   


2. Nathan's sponsors a hot dog eating contest every 4th of July. Last year over 40,000 people attended the event and almost 2 million watched it on TV. The winner ate over 60 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. How do you like your hot dogs?

On someone else’s plate.  Winking smile  I’m not a fan of the hot dog.


3. If you were going to enter an eating contest what would be on the menu?

Watermelon?  I’ve never entered an eating contest and frankly don’t see myself ever doing so.  But I’ve been on a watermelon kick, so maybe I could stand enough of it to eat myself silly.


4. Do you run your house more as a dictatorship or a democracy?

DH and I work as a team, so I would say that our house runs as a democracy.


5. Where was your favorite summer place when you were a kid?

We didn’t travel when I was a child, so my favorite summer place was our neighborhood.  I could get on my bike and ride, there was an empty lot where we’d play ball, my friends lived on the next street over … we never tired of stuff to do in our neighborhood.


6. Do you have a guest room? Would you want to stay there?

We don’t have a room designated as a guest room.  We do have a daybed (with a trundle) in what we call my sewing room and a sofa bed in our living room.  We almost never have overnight guests – other than the Ts, but when we do, we’re certainly able to accommodate them.   Winking smile


7. Next Wednesday America celebrates her independence. Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July? If you live outside the USA when and how does your country celebrate its own patriotic holiday?

As of right now, we have no special plans for the 4th of July.  If the weather cooperates, we might grill out. 


8. Insert your own random thought here.

It’s going to be hot, hot, hot in these parts over the next several days. 



  1. We loved our neighborhood in summertime especially too. There were two pools and mostly everyone belonged to one or the other. The swim teams were arch rivals but in a good way. We rode bikes, hung out at the pond and played huge games of Kick the Can as the sun was setting. So much fun!

    Enjoy your 4th!

  2. I also remember those summertime days in the neighborhood. Does it seem like kids don't play that way any more? I guess there are safety issues, but it seems a bit sad to me. What great memories I have of playing outside all day long.

  3. The heat index is really soaring around the country! Ugh, I was afraid we'd getting a nasty summer and it looks like my prediction is panning out. I'm ready for fall, are you?

    Tuesday & Wednesday Blog Hop Mash!

  4. Sounds just like the neighborhood I grew up in! We played freely with never a thought of danger! I wish it could be that way for our grandchildren!

    I have two guest rooms (because the kids moved out) but I'll be glad for them to be empty for a few weeks!

    I pray we never lose our liberty, but I am afraid people are indifferent to just what that means and that they don't know what they could lose.

  5. Neighborhoods for kids arent like they use to be, are they? Riding bikes till the street lights came on. nice!

    Everyone is talking watermelon - making me crave some!

  6. Enjoy the heat, Kathy! its been fall like here but I think hotter weather is coming.

  7. ..."hot" seems to be the key factor just about everywhere these days. Come on Autumn!! [at least some summer rains]. I had to smile at your answer to the hot dog. You're not the only one that doesn't like 'em, I'm sure. A lot of answers for the food eating contest is watermelon today it seems.

  8. ...dang, I wanted to mention the pretty blog layout design you have...I like it.

  9. neighborhoood sounds like yours when I was going up. Seems like we actually had time to play after all of the chores were completed! Nice memories. Stay cool-going to be hot this weekend here, also.

  10. I love your new blog background. Very pretty and I think it works real well with all your quilting.

    Your childhood neighborhood sounds wonderful!

  11. "On someone else's plate" that was just so funny! Love the hot temps you are having, we are in the 60's here.

  12. We lived in a subdivision for a few years when I was a child so there were a lot of other children close by. Then, when I was 11, we moved to the country but still close enough to town to walk to friends homes. From 12 on I would walk all over town in the summer. Since my daughters grew up there too, they could do the same thing. That's small town life.

  13. Isn't that true, we never tired of playing in the neighborhood. Those were the days! Have a nice 4th of July and try to stay cool! Hugs, Debby

  14. Hi there, Loved reading your answers to these questions-helps us to know you better. Our temp has dropped to 85 tonight and is so pleasant. Hopefully it will help with the firefighters.
    Hugs, Noreen

  15. I grew up with lots of cousins around at my Granny's house. We were always outside doing something.

  16. Hotdogs on someone elses plate - you are a hoot. I love Chicago Dogs! sandie

  17. That is hot!! It is kind of weird when the Fourth of July falls in the middle of the week like it is this year; most people won't get a 5 day weekend so most will probably have to go back to work on Thursday, so a late night out to see fireworks might not be a possibility. I have to work and we aren't going to see fireworks because some dog I afraid of loud we decided to stay home not to stress him out :)


  18. On someone else's plate---LOL Hilarious! It's going to be hot here too. 110 with the heat index. This does not make me happy---so I'll be inside near the AC vent!


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