Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea

It’s Friday again … which means that the weekend is here!


I had a wonderful day yesterday with the grands.  I picked them up at 7:30, so our first stop was to pick up donuts for breakfast.  Each one got to pick out whatever he/she wanted.  T#4 won the hearts of the checkers when she blew them a kiss to say goodbye as we were leaving. 




I explained that I pieced my log cabin quilt in the “fields and furrows” setting, instead of the “barn raising” setting that I’ve used in the past.  I didn’t stop to think that those terms might be confusing to non-quilters … and that I owe them an explanation.  Winking smile  Probably the easiest way to explain the setting terms is visually.

The setting I used on the quilt top I just finished is called “fields and furrows” because the placement of the blocks result in what appears to be rows (or furrows).


The setting I have always used in the past is called “barn raising”. I’m not sure why it’s called barn raising … maybe if I knew something about how barns were raised/built in the “olden days”, I’d know why they chose that name. I can’t find anything online to explain why that name was given to that setting.  Maybe someone reading will have an explanation.


There are other settings as well, but these two are the ones that I liked best, with the barn raising setting my most favorite. But I’d already made several in that setting and wanted to try something a little different. 




Speaking of my log cabin quilt, I need to find some wide backing fabric for the backing (the underneath fabric).  Since I hand quilt, I prefer to use the extra-wide fabric so there’s no seam to have to negotiate.  I’m looking for a blue that will coordinate nicely with the blues in the blocks, and I found one online that looks like it’ll work.  I’ve always been reluctant to shop for fabric online because colors don’t always show true in photographs.  Since I’m going to be getting backing fabric (which won’t show when looking at the quilt top) and since there are several blues in the top, I don’t have to match exactly … so it’s not going to be a huge problem if the color of the fabric online isn’t 100% true. 




I hope to get some time with needle and thread today, but I’ve got some errands that I have to run and I need to spend some time out in the yard, watering my flowers (since we didn’t get enough rain yesterday to do any real good). 


  1. Doughnuts for breakfast--what a nice treat :) You are a great Nana!

    In answer to your question, yes those are zinnias in my garden. I planted them as a tribute to my grandmother. She always had zinnias in her garden when I was little, but I'm not sure why. I remember she'd sometimes cut a bouquet for the house, and I've done that, as well. Thanks for asking!

    I know what you mean about that "thing" in the cabbage--it makes me hesitant to go out there alone now! Enjoy your time in the yard :)

  2. Doughnuts for breakfast - bet they were excited. I hope you got one too. It was a nice sunny morning here but looks like rain now. We have had alot of rain lately and they are calling for more this weekend.

  3. The beginning of the week was so hot with no rain in sight. When we did get the rain, it was is buckets! Somewhere in between would be nice.
    You would get a long well with my MIL. She loves to quilt too.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Hi, I do love your quilt top my friend. I washed my fabric and put it all up on the wall but still don't know what type of setting I'll do-since I'll use the panel and may just frame it with borders.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. So how many grandchildren do you have? Love, sandie

  6. I bet it was fun at the donut shop with the grands deciding what they would have!! How cute with the blown kiss :)

    enjoy the weekend ahead!! Its absolutely amazing today is June 1st; time is flying by so fast!


  7. Did you purposely get donuts for bfast yesterday BECAUSE it was, after all, National Donut Day?

  8. Bet you were a big hit getting the grands doughnuts! :)

  9. Fun times with grandkids...and doughnuts too. You were a hit, I can just imagine. I love the bakery here with the chocolate covered raised glazed. Oh you got me drooling.

  10. Hard to choose between each pattern. They are both very interesting.


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