Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life


Whew!  I made it … I was wondering if I’d be able to get this posted today.  I wanted to take part in this new meme.


Weekend June 8-10 001

Saturday we went out to my dad’s to follow-up on him after his cataract surgery … he’s doing fine.  He was even able to get out and play a round of golf on Friday (with his doctor’s blessing, of course).  One of his toilets was running continuously, so DH and I replaced the seal … and that stopped the leak. 


Weekend June 8-10 002

Weekend June 8-10 006

Sunday I was able to sew the binding onto my Irish chain quilt.  Unfortunately, I finished it very late last night, after DH had gone to bed, so I had to drape the quilt on the couch to get a photo … I wasn’t able to get a shot of the entire quilt, but one of these days I’ll get a shot of the entire quilt … in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for these shots.  Winking smile 


I sandwiched together the backing, batting and log cabin quilt top, so I hope to be able to do a little quilting after I get this posted.



I also visited the garden center at the local Lowe’s and was surprised by a bird who was perched in the bushes right next to the aisle.  I was surprised that the bird didn’t fly away when we walked by. 



  1. I did this meme today too! The quilt is beautiful. I saw a baby bunny at the nursery we went to but he was in the shade and the picture didn't turn out. Sweet birdie.

  2. Your Irish chain is gorgeous - I love the colors! The quilting looks great and I really like the borders and corners, too. Have a great week! ~Jeanne

  3. The quilt is beautiful! Sounds like you had a pretty productive weekend. Have a great week

  4. Oh, we seem to always be replacing or fixing a part on one of our toilets. Good that Hubby can do minor fixes to plumbing or we'd be calling a plumber all the time. :o)

    Your quilt is so pretty. I love quilts and treasure all the ones I have, most were made by my Grandmother.

    Happy week!

  5. Kathy, Thanks so much for linking up to Weekend-Wrap Up. You had plenty of time to get the post in because the linky stays open until Thursday! But I'm glad you got it in today. My mother recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. It was a piece of cake except for the hassle of putting in eye drops every day. Hope to see you again next week!

  6. your irish chain is stunning! wow!

    i really really do not like when there are birds in stores or in the garden center of stores. one day there was even a bird in the grocery store. yuck yuck yuck!

  7. That Irish chain quilt is lovely, dear. And you still has more time to do other stuff, what a wonder mum you are. Stay blessed. :)

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  8. That quilt is beautiful! Such a talent. Sounds like you are one busy woman.

  9. Kathy, You are one prolific quilter; your work is so beautiful! I'm impressed that even in the summer you continue to produce such lovely works of art. Love the colors on this quilt; I'm hoping to get in today or tomorrow and cut fabric.
    Love the photo of the bird. Have a great Tuesday.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I love your blue and white quilt. It looks so cool and crisp on a hot day and warm and cozy for a cold day. Your family is extremely lucky you like to do that. What a treasure.

  11. I am glad your dad is okay. Our toilets break all the time here - very frustrating. Love your quilt! sandie


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