Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Photo Link Party



When I was Hodgepodging yesterday at Cathy’s blog, I read about a Fall Photo Link Party scheduled for today.  Too bad this party isn’t scheduled for the 20th or so … our fall colors will be at their peak in another week to ten days.  But there are some fall colors starting to show up, so let’s go!


I know I posted this before, but you can see a few of the leaves on the trees along the bluff have started to turn.


Here’s a tree at my daughter’s … the picture doesn’t do justice to the bright red leaves.



Our trees here at Chez Nana didn’t fare well with the heat and the drought this summer, so there are no leaves turning here.  But a sure-fire sign of fall here is putting out a mum at our front door.



And the burning bush next door is just starting to turn, and their mums are in full bloom.



As always, just click on the picture for a larger view. 


I’m going to go check out all gorgeous fall colors … won’t you join me?


  1. Love your mums in the pumpkin and I love the burning bush and mums. We have 3 burning bushes, but I didn't get pictures of them. That tree in your daughter's yard is beautiful!!

  2. I am still working to capture the bright colors of the just isn't the same as seeing them in real life - but your pictures are great! I love the one of the bluff. I am planning on doing this again next year and will move the date back perhaps one week to get more fall colors for those who live farther south that me :) Thanks for joining the party and sharing your picture! Hope you have a great fall day!

  3. Hi Kathy!
    Love looking at all your pretty fall pictures! I absolutely love mums, but they don't stay pretty long enough to keep me happy. Or maybe I just kill them! ;) Yours are beautiful! The leaves are really starting to turn here. Lots of bright yellows and reds.

  4. I hope you get some great color! We have and now the peak is over here. We noticed in Champaign that the trees were just starting to turn. We have had some brilliant reds this year - wonder if that is because of the drought?! ~Jeanne

  5. I was pleasantly surprised here that the fall colors were so pretty. I had thought because of the heat and drought they might not be.

    Your fall colors are beautiful!

  6. Pretty pics! Glad to follow another ILlinois girl!

  7. The tree at your daughter's is so beautiful. We don't have any color yet. We get a little bit in November.

  8. Hi there, Wow you are certainly behind our neck of the woods. Our burning bush is bright red and the leaves are starting to fall. I cut some branches yesterday and brought them inside; I came home today and found that a small little pup had been on the table because there were leaves everywhere. I love the vibrant hues of fall. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  9. Very pretty and it is not quite fall here either.

  10. Your mums are so pretty! It's a little early for much color in Georgia....we need a few more weeks!

  11. I love your daughter's tree! Our leaves don't change until January, I kid you not, and take forever to have the leaves fall from the tree; it is so neat to see the true leaves of fall coloring like this!


  12. purple mums are my favorite!! I love fall, I just wish my allergies would agree.

  13. Purple flowers are quickly becoming my favorite!


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