Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


Another week is drawing to a close, and that means that it’s time for Friday Fragments.


My Cardinals won another game last night … and are now just 1 win from reaching the World Series.



I finished the binding on my wall quilt.



I sewed the binding on with my new sewing machine … I just LOVE it!  I also started my next quilt … a generously-sized lap quilt.  I’m using a couple of charm packs (5” squares) of kids’ prints, set with sashing and cornerstones. 



It’s a rainy day today.  We had planned to go pick out our replacement trees (for the couple in the back yard that didn’t survive our summer), and while DH is still planning on going to the nursery, I am thinking that perhaps we should postpone it.  Instead I think I’ll do a little fabric shopping … for the cornerstones for the I-Spy quilt.  I’ve got the motivation for DH to agree to go along … the promise of lunch at either Chick Fil A or at Firehouse Subs.  Winking smile



Tonight we have T#4’s birthday party (she turned 3 on Monday). 



We’ve got a busy weekend coming up.  T#1 and T#2 have a 2-day swim meet … and we’ll be watching the littles.  Red heart



  1. YAY! Quilt is done! It's stunning! I love the colors too. Good motivation for hubby to do what you want to do. Bribery works wonders. Have fun at the bday party and the swim meets. Happy Weekend!

  2. What a beautiful quilt you made.Have a great weekend.

  3. Your wall quilt is great! I love it! Have a great time today - fabric shopping and a birthday party sound like a perfect way to spend a rainy day! Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  4. We are getting a Firehouse Subs store near me soon. What makes it different from the multitude of other sandwich shops?

  5. Lots of activites for the little ones - know that makes you happy :)

    Have fun at the birthday party tonight!

    Glad your new machine is working well for you :)

  6. My wife uses the same bribery trick on me. I've gotten suspicious and the other day had to ask her if there were any other stops planned during the outing. Hoping for an exciting World Series.

  7. Your wall quilt is beautiful! So glad you love your new sewing machine. I'm working on some crocheting/knitting. Actually I'm making a shawl but haven't decided if I want to persevere with trying to learn to knit again or if I just want to crochet one. I'm doing a bit of each trying to decide which I like best.

    Hope you have fun with your grandchildren this weekend and congrats on your Cardinals winning another one.

  8. Your quilt is beautiful. Have fun this weekend with your grandkids.

  9. I love your quilt too. I'm putting together the last rows of a triangle quilt to use up scraps. You know how that goes. The more you sew the more scraps you make. It's like magic!

  10. The quilt is beautiful!

    Kudos to the Cardinals. The evening games really play havoc with my sleep though. ;-)

  11. I think your Cardinals WILL make it to the world series where they will be meeting the Tigers, as we now know!

  12. Awesome news on your Cardinals!
    Glad your new sewing machine is working out so well. Have fun at the party and also at the swim meet.

  13. Hi sweet friend, Having a tough day here but just wanted to say have a blessed weekend and I love you.

  14. Watching the grands swim...that sounds like fun! I got to see our oldest granddaughter play in two of her soccer games...she lives out-of- state. Loved cheering her on!

  15. Have a lovely weekend.
    Your quilt is so pretty. I just love it.
    I haven't posted this yet, but my daughter will be moving away. The baby Claire would sit in my lap yesterday and would give me kisses. I thought my heart would break.
    I hope that you have a very nice weekend. We are cutting down trees today,it always makes me sad.
    Bye for now,

  16. Pretty wall quilt! How big is it and how big are the half square triangles?
    I bought a tree last week to replace a huge tree we had cut down. There are good prices on trees this time of year.
    I've been collecting fabrics for an I-Spy quilt. Hubby thinks I have enough collected for three quilts. :) I have yet to decide on a pattern.

  17. I'm bummed about the Yankees and D. Jeter's injury. But, for now, it's a consolation that the Houston Texans are doing well. [their head coach is an 'ex Bronco' that helps me too. LOL]

    Love your quilt work. And going out to lunch is always a good thing. Our stop during the birding treks is usually the deli Jasons. Gotta love their Sgt. Pepper subs.


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