Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


Winter has arrived fall has returned.  Our temperatures went from 81 at 4:30 to 48 at 8:30 yesterday.  <brrrrr>  It was 39 when I got up this morning.  We got .7” of rain overnight … just what our newly-planted trees need.



Got my flu shot yesterday – finally.  I’d been meaning to get it for the last 6 weeks, but it seemed that the only time I’d think about it was when my doctor’s office was closed.  <sigh>  Hope I didn’t procrastinate too long.



Speaking of my doctor’s office, I’ll be back next week … for my annual well-woman exam.  Which means that it’ll be time to schedule my mammogram and my bone-density scan.  Thankfully I had a colonoscopy a couple of years ago, so I won’t need to have another for several more years.  And I’ll be going back a couple of weeks after that for the second Hep A vaccination for our cruise in January. 



And speaking of our cruise, I guess it’s time to start finalizing our plans/excursions … we’ve got most everything else set in place.



I’m working on my I-spy quilt … I’ve got 2 rows of blocks already sewn together.  With nothing on my schedule for today (at least not yet – ha!), I plan to sew together several more rows (there are 11 total in this quilt). 



  1. You should be fine getting the flu shot now. I hope you don't get a reation from it like I did! Yeah for getting all the "Woman health issues" taken care of. Hope the new tree will be OK. Have a great weekend and I hope you get to work on the quilt.

  2. It sounds like a nice weekend. All of that nice weather. We have a warm up coming this weekend.
    Your quilt is really coming along fast. Your trip sounds so nice.
    Ugh, shots. I pass out.
    I can't even think about it. :)
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Good morning...I thought we were cooling down, but now we are heating back up this week-end...sigh. I don't ever do flu shots...maybe I should start. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  4. I'm not sure I like these new temps - these 30s are a bit cool! Have fun finalizing everything for your trip - the planning and dreaming are such fun! Happy quilting! ~Jeanne

  5. I don't think watching the temps change are much fun.
    Have never done the cruise thing but I have travel a bit. Isn't the time in port typically too rushed? I would need a cruise that dropped me off and picked me up in a few days.

  6. It shouldn't snow in NJ in October. It just shouldn't. Hoping this storm calms down a bit before heading our way!

    Enjoy your weekend...I've never done a cruise, but a getaway sounds mighty nice right about now.

  7. I need to schedule my yearly exam... which I know will be my first mammogram. Oh boy!! YIKES!

  8. We all got our flu shots right before Brittany headed back to college...we never miss a year! Our highs here on Monday are supposed to be in the low 50's...BRRR! Not sure I'm ready for it! I have to head back to see my GYN. next month for a repeat Pap. The last one I had was abnormal and my doc. just wants to make sure that all is well, which I appreciate. I'm, also, going to discuss whether or not I can get an ultrasound, along with my yearly mammogram. One of my high school besties was just diagnosed with breast cancer...and it wasn't detected on a mammogram. The ultrasound, however, picked it up, immediately. My mom had breast cancer at 67 and I just want to make sure I'm taking all the necessary precautions to guard my health. Enjoy your weekend, Kathy!

  9. I'm a little late on a few of those tests. I see my doctor in January so I will make sure I get them done! Have a nice weekend.

  10. Where is your cruise headed to? We went on a cruise once. It was a New England cruise. That didn't sit well with 3 teenage boys.

  11. Happy Friday, You had the same temp drop as we did; then got rain and then snow. I used to get flu shots when I taught but not anymore. What cruise are you going on? When? We have already booked our cruise to Alaska next year-it is going to take us that long to pay for it, but we will only celebrate our 35th once.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. Oh, I must have missed that you were going on a cruise. Where to?

    It is very chilly here today and going to be 42 in the morning. LIke you, I'm freezing!

    I haven't stepped foot out of the house today. Been cleaning and cooking. So unusual for me not to leave the house at all, but it's sure been nice.

    Happy weekend!

  13. You quilters have my undying admiration. I told U.P. Annie today that I'd sooner take a short beating than be forced to sew anything.

    I do hope you'll show us your finished I Spy quilt on another FF post. I have no clue what an I Spy quilt is.

    I am READY for some winter weather up here on what is SUPPOSED to be the frozen tundra. It is still far too warm - - - highs in the mid 40's.

  14. Sounds like you got some things done and are ready to use your time to plan fun - cruise!

  15. I've only had one flu shot in my life. I've also had the flu once in my life. I sure hope I didn't speak too soon!

    It's supposed to be cold here by the first of the week, but I never believe it until I can actually put a sweater on and not start sweating immediately. We've had some warm winters in the last few years and I'd welcome some color weather.

    Can't wait to see your quilt. I admire your quilters so much, but I have no sewing talent nor the patience.

    Oh, I also can't wait to see pictures of your cruise, I know that will be fun!

  16. I think you will be fine with the flu shot, my doctor just started giving them out last week...I must confess I haven't gotten one in a couple of years.
    Our temps have been crazy warm...almost 80 the other day but cold weather coming and then there's "Sandy"
    Have a great weekend

  17. I gave you an award on my blog. :D

  18. ...and I have to go in on Thursday the first at 8 a.m. for my yearly heart exam with the electrophysiologist. I dread going each year after my heart operation, but feel good about getting a check-up...does that make sense?

  19. I am late to the party, as far as reading and commenting this week. But I haven't gotten my flu shot yet either. While I was still in the work force I had to have them, but not that I'm a hermit, I consider them optional. I got a phone call from my BC/BS monitor nurse reminding me to do a number of things, though. Glaucoma test, pneumonia booster, flu shot, etc. Nag, nag, nag.

  20. Glad your trees got some rain! So, where are you cruising to?

  21. Cruise??? Did you say "Cruise"??? I love planning trips!


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