Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekend Wrap-up

It was a busy weekend … but as always, it was a good one, even though it flew by in a flash.

Friday was a rainy, cold, dreary day … not a very good day for running errands, but I was able to get a lot accomplished in just a couple of hours.  My first stop was at our cell phone provider … where I upgraded my cell phone to an iPhone!My iPhoneI’d been wanting to upgrade to an iPhone for the longest time but was having some trouble justifying the cost … but it turns out that since they have released the iPhone 5, the 4S wasn’t any more expensive than just about your average cell phone.  I think having a smart phone will be helpful when we’re traveling (finding hotels, gas stations with diesel fuel, Chick-Fil-A for lunch Winking smile).  And when we’re not traveling, I can just use our Wi-Fi and save my data usage for when we’re on the road. 

I got all my errands done in time to spend a couple of hours quilting before we watched the Cardinals beat the Braves to advance to the NLDS. 

The rain had moved out of our area by Saturday morning, but it was a cold, dreary day.  We had T#4 here … T#1 and T#2 had their first swim meet.  There’s no way that we could have kept her entertained for hours at the YMCA, so she spent the day here with Nana and Papa.  We took her along with to the neighborhood block party, where she was a hit.  Winking smile  We got a good report from the swim meet - T#1 did very well, finishing first in his IM (individual medley) heat … and T#2 did well, too.

After church Sunday, we stopped by DD’s to pick up our grandpuppy Holly.  She’ll be spending the week here as DD and the Ts went to Ohio with DSIL who’ll be there for training.  photo-001
We got explicit instructions from T#2 (I don't know why that's got a black border on the left side ... I can't figure out how to get rid of it).
Caring for such a tiny puppy is a huge adjustment for us … I’ll bet she doesn’t weigh more than a couple of pounds, and we’re used to (much) bigger dogs (who weighed more like 80 lbs.).  DH accidentally shut her in the pantry at lunchtime … he didn’t see her run in when he had the door open for a second. 

I wrapped up the weekend spending another couple of hours with my needle and thread after we watched the Cardinals lose Game 1 of the NLDS.  I’m working on the borders … it’s going a little more slowly than I thought, but I am doing a little more stitching than I originally thought I might … and I’m enjoying the process so it’s all good.

I’ve got a fairly busy couple of days ahead … today is the first retiree flu shot clinic at the University (where I can get my flu shot for free), and I would like to go and get that over with.  We  have tickets to tonight’s Cardinals game … I’ll be wearing 89 a lot of layers of clothing so I can stay warm.  Tomorrow afternoon I have my training session with my new sewing machine, and we’re going to take a river cruise in the evening with the Prime Timers from church (I suspect that I’ll be wearing another 89 multiple layers of clothing tomorrow evening, too).  Wednesday through Friday look to be uneventful … perfect opportunity to give my new sewing machine a good workout?  I’ve got the fabric already for the next couple of quilts.  Winking smile


  1. oh have fun dog sitting!
    I love my Iphone. Can't imagine life without it. Enjoy yours!!

  2. I love the note from your grandchild! LOL Sometimes the little things can bring us such pleasure.

    Sounds like you'll be starting the week off in a busy way :) Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like you have a couple of busy days ahead of you! Sounds like fun!!! Cute note about the dog; we use my parents when we go out of town for our little dogs; we've been boarding Laika since they aren't familiar with her, and she's still quite a puppy!

  4. Good luck with that flu shot!

    Look at your cute!! Hope no more locking in the pantry!

    & look at you! Mrs. iPhone!!! :0

  5. Good morning! We are going to get one of those Iphones too now that the new one is out. ALL of my kids already have them, haha. Sounds like you will be a good busy this week. Enjoy the lessons and the new machine!

  6. I love how you just slipped that Cardinal win in there. teehee.

    Enjoy your new phone...I like mine, but fear it is yet another addiction : )

  7. It pains me greatly to say that the Cardinals lost to Washington yesterday. I watched the final 2 innings of the game in agony.

  8. Hi, I love reading about your days-you are going to love your new IPhone; I love being able to access emails and the web from mine. The only thing is that it beeps when I have a new email and sometime at night I hear it, even though it is downstairs. I love seeing the grandpup-she is so cute(I wonder if she is a Chinese Crested?). Have a fun day; I've got to work on my bible study and then I'll be sewing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Dog sitting is fun but when they are so small you quickly learn how to do the "small dog shuffle" so you don't step on them. Have fun quilting as well.

  10. So glad you received good instructions! :-) I am watching the game as I write. Guess you are happy with their lead! Hopefully they will hold on!

  11. It sounds wonderful, you are so busy. I had to laugh about the puppy getting locked in the pantry, I have done that to my crawler grand daughter who crawled in and I didn't know it and of course I am always locking my cats in there.
    It sounds like you have a nice week planned.

  12. Yes a smart phone is really nice when you are on the road. Way to go on the swimming meet! Have fun baby sitting that cutie pie grandpuppy. Love the note! Hope the game is fun.

  13. That is one small puppy to take care of! Have fun though! Good for you for getting an iPhone. Honestly, they still scare me, but who knows..... enjoy though!!



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