Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching up on Tuesday

I met DD at the dentist’s office this morning … dental check-up for her and the Ts.  Even T#4 got her teeth checked!  After they finished up at the dentist, T#4 left with me and is spending the afternoon here.  I love time with my Ts, but there’s something special about some one-on-one time.  Red heart

Every time I think about getting a full shot of my log cabin quilt, it’s either been overcast or DH is gone.  He was running errands this afternoon, but it occurred to me that I could hang the quilt over the railing on the deck and get an almost-full shot of the quilt (and not have to worry about whether DH is holding it straight, etc. Winking smile).Log Cabin Quilt 002-001

Tomorrow morning, our existing counters will be removed … which means we’ll be without counters/sink for the next week or so (there’s about a week’s time between the making of the template and the installation of the new counters).  I wonder how many times we’ll reach to wash our hands at the (missing) kitchen sink?  Laughing out loud

Our cooler temperatures are gone now … the temperatures will be in the lower 90’s for the next several days, so the windows have been closed and the A/C is back on.  Sad smile 


  1. Next week sounds like a great excuse to eat out : )

  2. That is a great shot of that beautiful quilt. It is gorgeous.
    I had to laugh about your counters. I lived that way one whole summer. My husband and I decided to do most of the work ourselves. We redid our cabinets and that took longer and then the tile was put on by the original owner with cement. It took my husband weeks and weeks with a grinder grinding off the cement. My house was filled with grit for years. It sounds so nice that yours will be done in a week.
    It will be so nice for the holidays.
    It is nice to get caught up today.

  3. I agree with Joyce - eat out! sandie

  4. The quilt looks perfect, what talent!

    Well, the next week may be challenging but it will sure be worth it in the end.


  5. I say you should eat out too! :-)

  6. I have to agree to all the previous comments...sounds like a great time to eat out!
    Remodeling process never fun (it took us nine months to do our master bath) but I always enjoy the results, hoping you will be sharing pictures. Quilt is beautiful


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