Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot, hot, hot … and other miscellany


Another triple-digit day ahead … and somehow it feels even hotter knowing that we just endured the hottest July EVER.  <sigh>  What’s scary is that August is generally hotter than July in these parts.


It does NOT seem possible that it’s August already … where did July go??  Although I guess it’s a blessing that July literally sped by … too hot to slow down and savor.  Winking smile 


I didn’t feel too bad at all after yesterday’s workout at the gym … this morning, however, my legs are definitely feeling the effects of the workout.  But that won’t stop me from going back today.  I feel so much better when I work out … I just don’t know why I let myself get out of the habit. 


There’s nothing on the agenda for today other than working out, so I’m planning on getting back to my log cabin quilt and Season 3 of NCIS … until this evening when it will be time to switch to the Olympic coverage. 



  1. Good Morning, I'm so impressed that you are going to the gym-I put my membership on hold for the summer as I'd rather get out and walk or go for a bike ride. I do have to confess though that for some strange reason, like triple digit days, we haven't been bike riding at all-guess we'll wait for fall. I have been sewing each day and making progress-yippee; hopefully this weekend will see the top finished and the quilt sandwiched.
    Have a fun morning.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I'm so tired of this hot weather. I see the temps on the news and it just makes me almost depressed. I am so glad the Olympics are on so I have something to watch in the evenings. I have been cutting up men's shirts to use in quilt tops while watching the games. That way I feel I'm at least doing something productive!

  3. Good morning! Soo hot! : ( We have been loving the Olympics over here too. Hope you have a good day...HUGS

  4. Wow you are going to the gym? It is so hard for me to exercise in the heat so I am impressed. Our heat hasn't been anything like yours at all. It sounds like a very nice day to quilt and stay inside. I have to go run errands and get all of my stuff done early as it is already 84 and it is 8:15 in the morning. :( You are right it is August. :)

  5. Good for you--getting some exercise at the gym. I'll soon be getting mine by pulling those weeds out of the fall garden :)

    I'm sick of this heat, too, and as you said "August is usually hotter."

    You asked what a Roku is. It's a device that streams programing off the internet to your television. You can subscribe to certain channels through The Channel Store, or there are a few limited free channels.

  6. Temecula seems so mild with the weather patterns compared to other places right now.
    I went and took a zumba class yesterday morning. It was fun.
    It's all about moving the body daily.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  7. Yep, July was really fast and hot.

  8. It is just too darn hot! I'm really impressed that you are going to the gym - probably a better workout than at home and definitely better than you'd get outside right now! ~Jeanne

  9. It has been so hot that we haven't even been to the pool much this summer. (hate the thought of sitting out in the hot sun)Impressed that you made it out to the gym, thats on my to do list....eventually!

  10. Good for you working out at the gym. I did a lot of swimming at my dads and it was so wonderful!


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