Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Woman’s Daybook

I haven’t done a Simple Woman’s Daybook in quite a long time … I like doing one every once in a while for a simple way of sharing what’s going on in my world.

Outside my window...
The sun is shining … there’s not a cloud in the sky … it’s a lovely 69 degrees right now.

I am thinking...
About T#2 … hoping her foot isn’t hurting and that she’s not bored with not being able to get up and play.

I am thankful...
For so many things … for DD making sure that I didn’t blame myself for T#2’s accident (I know that it was an accident, but I still couldn’t help but feel responsible … the one thing I hoped that I would never have to do was to call DD and tell her that one of her babies was hurt while in my care); that T#2’s foot wasn’t broken (I thought sure it was when I first saw it); for DH who supports my quilting hobby … even when it means I sequester myself in the sewing room for hours at a time; for aloe vera … I reached out to grab the DVD player remote the other day and my arm touched the iron … I immediately slathered some aloe vera on it and no pain, no blistering; for wonderful, friendly neighbors; for rain in the forecast … and lots of it … and for so much more.

In the kitchen...
There are no counters and no sink.  The good news is that our new counters will be installed tomorrow … the bad news is that the plumbing can’t be hooked up for 24 hours after the counters are installed, so that means no water in the kitchen until Tuesday.

I am wearing...
My usual outfit … jeans, a t-shirt, and my Sketchers. 

I am creating...
A wall quilt … I got some sewing done yesterday and have the inner borders on … I’m piecing together the outer borders.  With any luck, I’ll start hand quilting tomorrow.

I am going...
To DD’s this evening.  Her hubby has to work late tonight, and she’s putting on a bag party at a friend’s … so I’ll be watching the Ts this evening.  Red heart

I am wondering...
What to make for dinner tonight for a woman who is still recovering from back surgery.

I am reading...
A Path Less Traveled (A Miller’s Creek Novel) and Everybody’s Normal till You Get to Know Them.  A nice combination of something light and entertaining and something deeper and enlightening.

I am hoping...
That the disturbance out in the eastern Atlantic will not interfere with our trip plans. We’re already working out a couple of alternatives if we have to cancel our stay in the Outer Banks.

I am looking forward to...
Digging my toes into the sand at the beach.

I am learning…
That God is worthy of all my trust … that His ways are always better than my ways.  What can I say … I can be a bit of a slow learner.  Disappointed smile

Around the house...
Things are pretty chaotic … we’ve got kitchen stuff on the side table in the dining area and in the spare bedroom, the sewing room has fabric and quilt blocks spread out.

I am pondering...
How short this life is … that the days I have remaining are much fewer than the days I’ve lived … that they’re not to be squandered or wasted, but to be savored and used to make a difference.

A favorite quote for today...
Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are.” Unknown

One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Not much of the week left, but I plan to get my kitchen back in order once the counters are installed.  I also plan to do a thorough housecleaning, including cleaning our hardwoods.  And I plan to enjoy the rainy weekend ahead of us.  Winking smile

A peek into my day...
Kitchen - before 002


  1. Sure hope your trip to the OBX goes off as planned. I know how much you're looking forward to it! 69 degrees sounds wonderful! It's been cooler here, lately, but not quite that cool yet. I'm so ready for the arrival of fall! I can't wait to see your finished sure to post some pictures!

  2. I love the quote!

    I hope your kitchen is finished soon.

  3. What a nice quote! I'm learning that the days ahead of me are shorter than the day behind me as well. It's a scary lesson and one that has me really putting the important things first and not to care about so many other little things. Too bad only older people learn this lesson.

  4. Good morning! 69 degrees sounds sooo perfect. It is already 75 here and it is just 8 am...heading for 95...sigh. BUT!! this week-end is suppose to be a little cooler. Glad your little grand is Ok. I know the feeling of feeling bad something happened in your care, but happens to all of us...

    I am "may" be joining you in new counters...we are getting estimates....soo excited. Can't wait to see yours....Your almost done.

    Enjoy your day

  5. Kathy I love this! You are such a sweet inspiration. I can't wait to see your kitchen when it is completed!

  6. Hi there, So thankful to T wasn't hurt too seriously and that this part of childhood. My girl already has told the kids dr. that I have permission to sign for any emergency care while she is having the baby-I just hope I don't need to. I can't wait to see your counter top, can't remember what you are getting. You accomplish so much sewing, maybe if I got off the computer I'd get more done. Hope you have a great day!
    Love, Noreen

  7. You sound super busy! It's so sweet of your daughter to make sure you know it's not your fault that your grandchild was hurt!

    When they put the countertops in our bathroom, they hooked the plumbing up right then....they probably did ours wrong! :) I know you'll be so glad when all that is done!

    I hope your vacation is not spoiled in any way and you have a fabulous time with your toes in the sand, there's no better feeling!

  8. Hope you love your new counters! So when do you get to dig your toes into the sand again?


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