Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Another Wednesday has arrived, which means that it’s time for another Hodgepodge.


1. Americans will celebrate Labor Day this coming weekend. Do you know what we're actually celebrating? (without consulting your friends Google or wikipedia, ahem) What's a project you're currently 'laboring' over?

I suspect that Labor Day was instituted to honor workers.  Right now I’m “laboring” over my wall quilt.  I shared an update on The Weekend Wrap-up so I’ll spare you all a repeat of the details.


2. Labor Day also signals the unofficial end of summer for most of us...what summer food will you miss the most? If you're in the southern hemisphere feel free to substitute winter for summer.

Sweet corn … not that I got to enjoy it very much this summer.  The heat and the drought wiped out the local corn crop.


3. A well known proverb states, 'It's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission.' Your thoughts?

It may be easier, but I don’t believe that it’s the better way … sounds an awful lot like rationalization/justification.


4. Food critic, film critic, book critic, art critic....which hat would you most like to wear?

Food critic … I love the idea of trying new foods, new restaurants all on someone else’s dime.  However, my waistline would NOT love that idea.  Winking smile


5. When you were a kid, who (besides your parents) was your favorite adult?

My maternal grandma.  She always had lemon drops or horehound candy in her candy dish (which sits on my dining table now).  She always made a large batch of Christmas cookies (something I’ve always done, too).  Many of my childhood memories involve my grandma in some way.


6. The astronaut, Neil Armstrong, passed away last week. He was regarded as a hero by many generations of people all around the world. Do we still have modern day heroes? What makes someone a hero?

A hero is someone with bravery and courage, someone who places the wellbeing of others head of his/her own.  So yes, I believe that we still have heroes. 


7. I never get tired of __________________.

Spending time with my grands and spending time at the beach.  If only I could somehow combine the two … Winking smile 


8. Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of time with the grands, we had all 4 Ts here yesterday afternoon.  After T#1 & T#2 had been playing outside with the Nerf “swords”, they came inside and went down to the basement to put the swords back. T#1 came back upstairs, and I assumed that T#2 did, too. But she did not … T#1 heard her crying and told me that she was hurt. I ran downstairs and found her near our old exercise bike under the stairs. She’d been trying to ride it, and somehow her foot got caught in between the pedal and where it connects to the bike.  It looked so awful that I was afraid that it was broken, so I carried her upstairs and called DD who came to take her to the ER. Turns out that it’s not broken, just a very deep bruise. She’s to stay off her foot for a week.  Sad smile 


  1. Food Critic and Waist Line do not go good in the same sentence.
    That was scary about T2. I'm sure T2 was very frightened. Good for T1 to find you!!

  2. I'm sure that was frightening. I'm glad her foot isn't broken!

  3. Grandbabies are cute... even though things can get chaotic, they are precious :)

  4. We LOVE corn on the cob - but like you have not been able to find much good corn here because of the weather this summer :( Good luck with your quilt! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I am sure you were both scared. Glad her foot isn't broken.

  6. Poor little thing...glad it wasn't broken!

    Two of my favorite things for sure too! AND! we are combining the two this Sat. with our annual Class family beach day/birthday celebration for my middle son. Doesn't get much better.

    Have a good day! It is still soo hot here! : (

  7. The superhero's cousin grows a field of corn every year and we are fortunate enough to get to pick corn, so we had lots of absolutely wonderful corn and I put a few bags in the freezer. Sorry you didn't get any. I suspect the lack of corn in the country will drive up the cost of lots of stuff!

    My maternal grandmother was also my favorite adult! She always had soft peppermints in her candy dish!

    I must admit that I have used that phrase ask for forgiveness instead of permission but mostly in a teasing way! Yikes!

    So sorry about the hurt foot! Glad it's not broken, but deep bruise sounds very painful too!

    Is the stormy weather going to reach the beaches where you are going to vacation?

  8. MY I'm so sorry for the grand childs foot. So glad it's not broken. We didn't get a lot of corn either this year, it was just so expensive this year!!

  9. Aunt Gertie used to have the lemon drops and butterscotch candies in her candy dishes- she would hide them all around the house and let us go looking for them! Sweet corn- how I love it! Sorry about the crop situation. Bless her heart- I hope her foot feels better soon- those deep bruises can be painful.

  10. Oh poor girl and poor Grandma, It seems to hurt me more when my grand babies get hurt now, I just would blow my kids off and kiss it and they would be on their merry ways. Now I just sit and cuddle them so of course they all show me the bruises and owies they get now.
    I liked all of your answers today. I was sad that Neil Armstrong died. What I remember about him walking on the moon was my Mom had just died and my Dad was sitting in front of the TV crying and saying "they can put a man on the moon and they haven't found a cure for cancer." So I always think of that. I guess it sort of warped my thinking.
    I can't wait to see your quilt. I love red and white. I can never decide either, because I like blue and white too.
    Have a wonderful day,

  11. I'm glad T2's foot wasn't broken, although I'm sure you were scared to death! I would have been.

    So sorry that you didn't get your fair share of corn this summer. That just means you'll have to eat twice as much next year :)

    I never tire of the beach either :)

  12. Fun questions and answers!

    So sorry one of your grand's got hurt. Thank heaven the foot wasn't broken.

  13. It's so funny you mentioned that your grandmother had horehound candy sitting out...mine did, too! That's something that stands out so vividly in my memories of her. So sorry about your granddaughter's foot...hope she heals soon!

  14. Staying off your foot for a week to a kid probably feels like a year... hopefully the week goes by fast.. & glad it wasnt more of an injury. See? Exercise equipment is DANGEROUS :)

    Justification... good way of looking at that proverb!

  15. The lemon drops and horehound in the candy dish take me back in time. I do love both of them. I think I could have come up with your answer for you on #7....those are your favorites for sure!

  16. OH, me, I know your heart hurt just as badly as her foot. Things can happen so quickly it's scary.

    I remember the candy at my Grandmother's too. It was always stuck together and we'd have to pry it apart. Those days are gone for sure!

    We're getting ready for whatever Isacc is going to bring to us. Rains and winds suppose to start tonight. Ugh!

    Happy Wednesday!

  17. I use number 3 all the time - haha I must be bad. sandie


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