Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look in the sky … it's a bird … it's a plane

No, it’s not Super Man … it was what I suspect were Air Force transport helicopters!
Air Force flyover 001
Air Force Flyover 004
Air Force Flyover 003

I was inside and heard a deep rumbling.  A truck out on the highway?  No, it kept getting closer.  Perhaps a helicopter heading to the hospital?  No, it was way too loud.  I decided I’d better go outside to see just what was making that noise … and saw 4 huge Air Force transport helicopters (Chinooks?) heading straight toward me!  At first, I was so awestruck that I just stood there watching them come my direction … finally I came to my senses and ran inside to get my camera.  Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera, they’d passed overhead and were continuing on to the south (I assume to the Air Force base about 20 miles south of here).  So I had to settle for these shots … I zoomed in a little on the second shot and even more on the final shot … but these photos do not come close to doing justice to the awesome spectacle.  I wish I could have gotten a shot of these heading toward me … spectacular.

I may or may not have a busy day ahead.  Winking smile  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment at 8:30, and I scheduled some time with a trainer at our gym (part of the membership) … I want to work out on the weight machines, but I suspect that I need some assistance so I can use them properly.  I may, however, have to reschedule that appointment as DD is hoping to be able to have lunch with a friend (her friend has cancer and is in the midst of a serious depression), so I’ll watch the Ts.  Either way, it looks to be a great day here at Chez Nana!


  1. Enjoy your day, Nana; those hopti-choppers are amazing, I can only imagine how it felt to witness them in person! Wow~

  2. Ahh - good for DD for trying to raise some spirits... bless her friends heart! :(

  3. SO what were the helicopters doing and hope your doctor appt. went well. sandie

  4. I love the pictures, you did a great job getting the shot. Have a great day.

  5. Was the president onboard? We used to get clusters of them here when Reagan was in town and visiting his ranch. They would place him in one of them - unknown as to which one for security's sake - and fly him up to his ranch.

  6. Years ago, we used to have those giant helicopters flying over a lot, since we live about 20 miles away from Ft. Stewart. These days, they don't fly nearly as much, for some reason.

    Enjoy your day, whatever you end up doing :)

  7. Well you got some pictures. I haven't seen that kind in awhile. We are close well sort of to Edwards Air Force base so we do get some traffic.
    I hope you have a very nice day. Your workout sounds great. Being up and down on a ladder yesterday has sure made me sore today. I need to start working on Pilate because I realized I am not very flexible. Have a great day with your grands.

  8. I am often outside and I think it's time to keep the camera around my neck. I miss so many great things. Good for you working out at the gym!!!


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