Friday, November 30, 2012

Fragments on a Friday Night


Mommy's Idea


Better late than never, right? 


It was another busy day here at Chez Nana … the Ts were here.  We stopped at the grocery store for the Ts picked out donuts for breakfast.  After breakfast, there was a little crankiness (5 y.o. T#3 is the epitome of a pesky little brother, and 8 y.o. T#2 lets him get under her skin).  After a brief time out for those two, things settled down and the rest of the day went well.  We had lunch at McDonalds, made a visit to the library, and wrapped up our time together at the YMCA (or YMC-Hay as T#4 calls it) for swim practice. 


It’ll be another busy day tomorrow as I’ll be picking the Ts up at 7:30 to get them to swim practice at 8:00.  If it’s warm enough, maybe we’ll stop at a park for some play time outside on our way back to Nana’s house.



It’s hard to believe that it’s the last day of November … and that it’s supposed to get into the upper 60’s on the first day of December.  It’s just not right to have such warm weather in December.  At least not here in Illinois. 



I’ve tweaked a muscle in my back – about the middle of the back over on my right-hand side.  Not enough to keep me from doing what needs to be done, but enough to be a pain (literally and figuratively).  I’m not sure what I did … I don’t remember doing anything that should have made that muscle angry … hoping it eases up soon.



Today I’m thankful for:

  • Duplos – even the big kids love building with them


  • Ibuprofen – hopefully a dose at bedtime will help me get to sleep more quickly than I did last night – that achy muscle was just enough to keep me tossing and turning for a couple of hours after I went to bed last night


  • New neighbors – the new house behind us closed this afternoon


  • Pizza from the new pizza place down the road – quick and easy dinner this evening


  1. The grans are just so much fun, and I do so love having them here, but THEN oh joy I get to SEND THEM HOME, cause really, old "grannies" like me don't have the energy we USED to have.


  2. We are in the 30's here today. It's cold!! Heading to our towns German Market later today-an outdoor event but always lots of fun!

  3. I agree that having the grands is just so much fun, but going to bed after a day with them is good too! Hope that muscle wordpks itself out! I just have one recommendation .....massage...deep massage!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I don't have grans but I do have my day care kids (that is nice to send home after a long day) and I do have tweaks in my back every now and then. Eastern PA is supposed to be in the 60s. We are taking advantage and getting our tree today.

  5. Good morning! You are a very helpful ACTIVE Grandma I am thinking! 7:30 for swim lessons? and then the park? I'd be dragging on that I am thinking. They always have sooo much energy! haha

    Sorry to hear about your back. I hate things like that too. Once I hit that bed at night, I want to be out. Hope you feel better soon.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. So you are having a grand weekend with your grands? And I am with you for the Ibuprofen my neck is out! sandie

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend with the T's!

  8. It all sounds like fun with the little ones, but the back....not so much so. I hope it feels better soon.

  9. No not a hurt back in December. Never is better but December is the worst. You are such a good grandma. All of the nice things you do.
    Well you do stay busy. We are almost having the same kind of weather, it is going to be 70 today even with the rain we aren't having. We have just had clouds while Northern California is getting washed away. Have a very nice weekend Kathy, I do hope your back gets better.

  10. I know how terrible back pain can be affects everything you do! Hope you are better today!

  11. It has been so, so warm here and just not Christmasey at all. But, next week we head to Kansas and I imagine that will change. Burrrr!

    Oh, sounds like you need a Tins unit to put on your neck/back. We bought one last year and we've almost worn it out with our various aches and pains. :o) It goes with us every where we go.

    Happy week!


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