Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hodgepodgeless Wednesday


Joyce at From This Side of the Pond usually hosts 7 fun yet thought-provoking questions on Wednesdays – called the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  But because she is recovering from the aftereffects of Superstorm Sandy, there will be no Hodgepodge this week.  Hopefully the Hodgepodge will be back next week … in the meantime, let’s be praying for Joyce and everyone else affected by Sandy.


Today I’m thankful for:

  • phlebotomists who are good at what they do … I had to have blood drawn for some routine bloodwork this morning.  I have teeny, tiny little veins that are quite good at evading the needle … which means that blood draws usually involve a good deal of exploring … which means OUCH!  Today the blood draw was the. most. painless draw I’ve ever had in my 61+ years.


  • DVD rentals … DH and I neither one had much desire to watch the election returns last night.  We knew that it would be well past our bedtime before anyone would be announced the winner, so there wasn’t much point in listening to hours and hours of talking heads discussing the importance of Ohio. 


  • my God who is still in control … and my trust is in Him, regardless of who’s in the Oval Office




I have my mammogram this morning.  I’m hoping it’s as painless as my blood draw was.  Winking smile


My afternoon will be spent with 2 of my Ts … the 2 littles are coming over this afternoon.  Mama and the 2 bigs have stuff all afternoon … since the 2 littles need naps, they’re coming here.  They’ll be here until about bedtime, so there will be plenty of time for playing, too.  Red heart



  1. The last time I had blood drawn it was easy also. I usually start sweating. LOL

    Hope your mammography goes well!

  2. I think its usually if you get a good nurse if the blood drawn is good or not. Some can do it with eyes closed!

    Enjoy the afternoon with those little ones!

  3. Yeah, I have a little trouble with blood draws too. My veins are really deep (or so they say). I need to do that mammogram thing too. Yuck lol

    Have fun with the grandkids.

  4. I have blood drawn a lot so I'm use to it. So is the staff who knows to get out that buttfly needle! I hope your mamo goes well and nothing is found. Have fun with the T's

  5. I have a hard time with my veins and find if I drink lots of water the morning of the draw, it seems to be easier. It's awful when they can't get the vein and I have been known to say, stop and get someone else.

    Have so much fun with the T's and let me tell you, you were smart to watch a DVD!

  6. Glad your blood work went well. I have had it go both ways..from a painless nothing, to digging and giant bruises...sigh. Praying the mamo goes just as well...enjoy those grands!

  7. That does bring me a lot of comfort to know that God still sits on His throne and is King above all kings. Praying for good results from your mammogram. That's always one thing I'm relieved to scratch off my list!

  8. I used to panic when I had to get blood drawn. Now I only get sweaty palms.
    I hope your mammogram has good results for you!

  9. Hi there, I used to have good veins but it seems the older I get the harder the blood draws are-and they often leave bruising. I also need a mamo-I put it off for every other year. Hope your two T's aren't too much for you. I am so thankful that our God is still on the Throne and that we can trust in Him alone.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I'm no fan of having blood drawn. Especially when the person has to poke around a bit. Hope the mammogram was painless and clear!

  11. Hope all went well today. I am sad today, sitting here with a broken heart.

  12. Hope you had a great day! What DVD's did you watch? We are always looking for a good movie, and now that I won't be spending my time listening to the news, I need a diversion!

  13. I hate having blood drawn as it is a too common occurrence for me. I am glad yours went well.

  14. I am so glad you had a okay time at the doctor, I have such a fear of needles, I am not kidding sitting here typing my ears are roaring.
    I wished we had watched DVDs.
    Yep, I am so glad God is still in control.

  15. Oh, I listening to the "talking heads" too long last night before I finally turned it off. Then I woke up at midnight and turned the TV on and wished that I hadn't. Couldn't go back to sleep! Ugh!

    I can have very aggravating veins as well and ouch is right.

    I'll have my Princess on Friday and we'll have a fun time for sure.

  16. I too have that very same vein problem. As for mammograms, I have never experienced pain with that procedure.

    Hope your day will treat you well!!!

  17. I'm always grateful for painless procedures--and good test results, too!

    You were probably wise not to watch the election results, but it IS comforting to know Who's really in control.


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