Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Trivia


It’s still cold here … 27 this morning when I got up.  <brrrr>  But the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. 


Another busy day here.  I go get the second of my two Hepatitis A shots (for our cruise).  Not long after I get home from that, I’ll be heading out with DD and the Ts as we take her van over to St. Louis to the repair shop … her driver’s side window will only roll a third of the way up.  It’s way too cold to be driving around with the window down … not to mention not a very smart idea to leave a vehicle parked in a parking lot with the window most all the way down.  But I will have a quiet evening at home … DH has a Deacon’s meeting at church, and I have an appointment with NCIS at 7:00.  Winking smile


DH and I had planned to have a belated birthday celebration today, but with the trip to the repair shop and the meeting at church, we had to postpone it.  Tomorrow we’ll celebrate his birthday at DD’s, so perhaps DH and I will have our celebration on Thursday.  Nothing wrong with a week-long celebration, right?  Ha!


Our water softener was installed yesterday, and I can already feel a difference … yay! 



Today I’m thankful for:

  • Music – I love my Pandora app on my iPhone.  In about 10 days I’ll be listening to Christmas music, but in the meantime I’m listening to Praise & Worship. 


  • Prayer – our small group is doing a study on prayer, and the author of our study book has really opened my eyes.


  • Extended warranties – I never buy extended warranties, except on vehicles.  We had a flat tire on our way to Florida almost 3 years ago … it ruined our wheel as well, and the replacement wheel and tire were covered under the extended warranty we bought for our car (with no depreciation for wear and tear on that tire).  DD bought one on her van, so thankfully the trip to the dealership today won’t come with a huge price tag (electrical repairs on cars are so expensive!).



  1. I have Murphy's Law when it comes to extended warranties - everything I buy it on, nothing happens - the things I dont buy it on, they fall apart. I'm just jinxed.

    hope you get that celebration in tomorrow

  2. Love your new blog background, Kathy..super cute! Glad to hear the water softener is doing its thing! I love Pandora, too! In fact, think I'll tune into some Christmas music myself as I'm catching up on my blogging! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hey when you get to be our age - we should celebrate the birthdays for a week! sandie

  4. I had a month long birthday celebration. So go for it!!!
    Happy Birthday to you and hubby!

    27 degrees???? Eek! We are at 46 today, and I thought that was cold.

  5. Hi there, I hope you have a wonderful day! BTW, what is the Pandora app for your phone-haven't heard of it before but sounds like something I might be interested in. Enjoy NCIS tonight. Sending warm winter hugs to you.

  6. Nothing at all wrong with week-long birthday celebrations...especially when they're mine! ;)
    Happy birthday to DH!

  7. Have a great celebration! We are in Wi tonight and it is mighty cold - feels like winter - ugh! -Jeanne

  8. Who is the author of the book on prayer? Just curious! Brr on the cool temps! It was 43 this morning when we were heading to the gym, but warmed up to about 75 degrees :)


  9. Enjoy your softened water! I am sure the shots are a must but I never gave that any thought when I have thought about going on a cruise. Where are you going again?
    The more celebrations the better!


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