Monday, November 26, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Ok, we don’t have snow (or any other precipitation) in our forecast, but it’s a gray day here … the kind of day where it looks like it could snow any minute.  And I, for one, would LOVE some snow today … it would really set the mood for Christmas!

I was feeling a little puny last night – ‘round about 7:00 or so.  I thought sure I was coming down with something, but I’m feeling better this morning.  Maybe not quite 100% but close enough.  Winking smile 

I have a hair cut appointment this morning, but my hair seems to be growing more slowly than normal lately … I had to reschedule my September appointment because my hair just hadn’t grown out enough to warrant a cut, and I made this appointment for 6 weeks instead of the usual 5.  Am I going to have to make my appointments 7 weeks apart?  You know, as soon as I do, my hair will start growing like crazy, and I’ll desperately need a cut long before the 7 weeks are up!  ha!  I’ll call my stylist and reschedule for next week.  Thankfully she’s really good about that … in fact, she’s the one who suggested I reschedule back in September … I went in anyway, thinking she could go ahead and do just a light trim, and she suggested we just wait another week or two. 

With a rescheduled hair cut, that means there’s nothing on the schedule until small group this evening.  Right now, I’m feeling lazy … it would be a good day to just stay home in our jammies.  But I know that when the day is done, we’ll be glad we went to small group. 

No lazy PJ day tomorrow either … DD is working the Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow, so I’ll have the Ts.  Red heart

Nothing I wanted to order for Christmas is part of anyone’s Cyber Monday sales, but I went ahead and did most of my Christmas shopping this morning.  Got the Ts’ gifts ordered as well as a gift for my great nephew.  Now I just have to get gifts for DD and DSIL … and maybe DH (we have chosen not to give each other anything … our home improvements this summer will be our gifts to each other Winking smile … but I really want something under the tree for him to open on Christmas Day Red heart).

Today I’m thankful for:
  • A stylist who doesn’t take advantage of me … she is honest and will offer to reschedule when my hair really doesn’t need a cut

  • Online shopping … no crowds, no getting cold getting in and out of the stores, no searching for a parking spot

  • A lazy morning/afternoon


  1. I am glad you are not sick. How did you hair turn out. And I remember those gray days from Chicago. We don't get many here in Atlanta. Sandie

  2. I have to get my hair cut every 3 weeks. I went 4 last month, and it was about a week too long!
    Have a good time tomorrow!

  3. Glad you're feeling better!

    They're calling for a dusting tonight. The way they're talking about it, you'd think it was a blizzard. First snows are always a big deal I guess.

  4. It's funny how hair grows faster at some times than it does at others. I've heard the moon has something to do with it?!

    We desperately need some rain in our neck of the woods, but, so far, it's sunny and is supposed to be near 70 today! So much for Christmas weather...

    Have a nice Monday!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day for you.

    I actually heard that we are supposed to have some snow tonight and some in the morning that will then mix with rain, so I'm sure it won't be anything too pretty. However, I'll enjoy the flakes as long as I can just look out the windows at them tonight.

  6. Gotta love online shopping, I think it's the way we are going to do most of our shopping this year. Glad you are feeling better

  7. Good morning! I love that we are overcast and cool here this morning too. It was in the 80's over the week-end, and I am officially DONE with the warm weather.

    It is nice to have a hair stylist you can trust huh?

    Glad your feeling better this morning, I am sick with a stomach bug I picked up in New Mexico...never any fun...sigh.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. I started using a sulfate free shampoo and my highlights don't need redoing nearly as often as they used to; my stylist told me the same thing as yours... "we can wait another month... or two!" I really appreciate that; and will keep up with the less harsh, less stripping, shampoo as well. It was like finding $$!

  9. I like how you are so organized. I just need to buckle down and do it and get it over with.
    I hope you get snow. Our weather is changing today and starting Tuesday night we will have rain until next week. I can hardly wait. Then I will feel like decorating inside.
    I am so glad you feel better today.
    I love getting caught up, have a really nice week.

  10. We have 2-4 inches in the forecast for tomorrow, but I'm hoping they're wrong. I'm just not quite ready for snow yet. Glad you're feeling better!

  11. You have a hair stylist who didn't cut your hair because it was not needed! I've never heard of such a wonderful thing. She should get an extra tip at Christmas for honesty. We have snow in our forcast but I'm hoping it all stays south. It sure is cold here however.....

  12. ...that is one thing my son and I 'argue' about ---at least disagree. I think we should buy at our local stores to keep the streets/infrastructure and family businesses in business...can't have a city without local stores still in operation. I think we should all pay sales tax and the only way is to buy IN stores. On the other hand, our son, he'd much prefer to buy and pay shipping. And let the sales tax and street repair and upkeep go down the tubes.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful, super Thanksgiving Holiday. We just returned from a three day trip and I'll be catching up with my visitors before I find time to post again.

  13. It was a very grey day here as well. And, it's thundering right now. Seems we're in for some storms tonight. Ugh!

    Glad you are feeling better. I am too and think I definitely nipped my cold in the bud.

    I'm with you, love that internet shopping. I had most of mine done before today so I didn't get any good deals today.

    Happy week!

  14. Glad you weren't sick!

    We decided a few years ago not to give each other gifts. I did some shopping and took most of our children who live in Ocala when we went for thanksgiving. Of course since we had to take off early when the baby decided to come early, I wasn't quite finished.....we just took what we had and I will have to ship the rest. Ugh! I was hoping to avoid that.

  15. Seems like you are doing great with your Christmas shopping! Glad to hear too that you are feeling good and not getting sick! I'm sure you did enjoy small group this evening!


  16. Hi Kathy, I'm praying you are all better today! Yesterday was crazy busy and when I look at all I need to accomplish, I start to get anxious about it all. Hope you have a great day today!

  17. I'm all for on-line shopping too!
    I'm trying to grow my hair out. Some days I wonder why. I just don't know what to do with it.

  18. My hair is so thick and grows fast. I have enough hair for two people on my head. Speaking of which, I have a hair appt tomorrow. Need to cover those greys!
    We had snow on Tuesday, but it's almost all melted. It was more slushy than fluffy white snow.

  19. I have to get my lists organized so I can start my ordering online. I had gotten my hair cut last Saturday and we are wondering why my hair is growing so darn fast! It use to grow really slow. Hope your week went well.


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