Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday



It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thankful Thursday, and since I’m doing a 30-days-of-thankfulness challenge, it seems only fitting that I have a Thankful Thursday today.


Today, I’m thankful for :

  • A working furnace … I have very little, if any, tolerance for cold, so I really appreciate the warmth that a working furnace provides.


  • My new iPhone … we use our Jetta when we travel, and it runs on diesel.  Sometimes the signage along the interstates indicates which gas stations sell diesel, but sometimes there isn’t any indication which sell diesel … and of course that always seems to be the time when we need to fill up.  I downloaded an app that will tell us where we can find diesel (and the price, too).  I also downloaded an app that will help us find lodging for when we need to stop on the road.  (And of course, there’s the Words With Friends app, too! Winking smile)


  • Sunshine … it was *COLD* this morning when I got up, but the sun shining brightened my day.  I don’t suffer from S.A.D., but I will say that my mood is better when the sun shines.


  • Neighbors who are friends … one of the secondary reasons we were looking to move 4 years ago was our hope to find some good neighbors.  We were the first family to move into this new neighborhood, so we had no clue what kind of neighbors we’d be getting … but God has been so good … He’s given us wonderful neighbors, several of whom have become good friends.


  • God’s love … He loves us so much that He sent His only son down here to die for us so we could spend eternity with Him.  Red heart



Today DH and I will be joining the Prime Timers (from church) for lunch today.  Beyond that, we have nothing on our schedule today, so I’m hoping to spend my afternoon quilting. 



  1. So many wonderful things to be thankful for. We barely know our neighbors :( We have rain today, very gloomy. Should have been like this yesterday when my mood was also gloomy. The phones are amazing and I feel so much safer having one when I am in the car.

  2. Brrr... I was thankful for our heater last night too!

    Arent phone apps life savers sometimes?

    I didnt realize Jetta's were diesel cars... interesting

    Have fun at your lunch & quilting!

  3. Some of our best friends over the years have been our neighbors...soo wonderful. Hubby just got a new I-pone too, it's been great! Enjoy your day, sounds good to me...

  4. How very nice. It sounds like a very good Thursday. I am so glad you have good neighbors. That is very important. Your Iphone sounds wonderful. I watch my kids and hubby and I just cringe. I just don't know what I would do. My sons when they were sick would watch streaming Netflix on theirs. It really is wonderful Technology. Well have a wonderful day, I hope to get to sew a bit today too.
    We have storms and it is lovely to be in a warm house.

  5. All great things to be thankful for!

  6. Emjoyed you list. One of these days I'm going to get a smart phone (maybe when our current contract expires). Those sound like some great apps.

    Hope you had a great lunch with your friends and that you get some quilting time in.

  7. So many blessings. Glad life is good! ~Jeanne

  8. Love your thanksgivings...most especially that last one!

  9. I love reading things people are grateful for - I had a breathe of relief when reading this. sandie


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