Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday morning thankfulness


My kitchen is a MESS!  The pot I fixed the chili in is still sitting on the stove … my immersion blender is standing up in a bean can … my crockpot is on the island … my food chopper is in a dirty bowl.  (I thought about posting a picture of the mess, but I’m just too embarrassed to share that … but evidently I’m not too embarrassed to describe how messy it is – ha!)  I made white chili for the fundraiser last night … my recipe doesn’t even take an hour to prepare, so I wanted to wait until later in the afternoon before I began it.  I was sure that I had allowed plenty of time … yet I was scrambling to get the pot of chili into the crockpot to get there in time.  Winking smile  No time to tidy up before we left nor this morning … and with a Pampered Chef party early this afternoon, it may be late this afternoon before I get that kitchen whipped into shape … just in time for dinner.  Ha!


We have snow in our forecast for tomorrow (after a record high of 81 yesterday no less)!!  Woo hoo!  Snow!Of course, I won’t be up to see it … and from the looks of the temperatures, there won’t be any for me to see when I get up at 5:30.  Sad smile 



Today I’m thankful for:


  • Snow in the forecast


  • A good time at the fundraiser - the highlight was when DSIL arrived with the 2 littlest Ts and T#4 ran to give me a hug Red heart


  • Pumpkin pie bagel for breakfast this morning


  • Good neighbors … I needed 2 tsp of cumin for my chili … and had only 1 tsp … sent DH next door to borrow a tsp of cuminWinking smile



  1. pumpkin pie bagel? hmmm....interesting. How was it?

  2. Oh, a pumpkin bagel, never heard of such but sure sounds yummy.

    My kitchen was a total disaster yesterday too but since I had no where to be, I was able to get it spin and span after making the dressing.

    Wishing you a beautiful Lord's Day!

  3. That's pretty chilly. I think it might be a very cold Winter. Sometimes the dishes have to wait, it's okay. Your bagel sounds yummy!

  4. We have the same forecast for tonight. I hate ice and snow. I hope it is only flurries.

  5. We had chili today too! And I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dusting of snow - so exciting :)

  6. What lovely gadget did you find at the Pampered Chef party? I haven't been to one in AGES.
    Funny story: When Hubby and I were on our trip last month, we stopped for an afternoon snack of bagels. I got a Pumpkin Pie bagel, Hubby got a Cinnamon Crunch bagel. We settled at a table and opened our books. When we were about 3/4 of the way through our bagels I realized we were eating the wrong ones! Hubby had my pumpkin one and I had his cinnamon one. How I didn't realize that at the first bite, I'll never know. Yes, we switched bagels at that point. :)

  7. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! I bet your chili was good and hope you got things cleaned before your party - you are a busy gal! sandie

  8. I read your post, and guess what I am making for dinner?? Yep! Chili. You made me hungry for it. ;-)


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