Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Week 2

Joyce has another set of interesting questions for us to answer this week.

1. What is the most amazing weather you've ever seen?
I'd have to say the beauty of the ice sparkling in the sun after the ice storm in December, 2006 was pretty amazing.  Unfortunately that beauty came with a pretty heavy price tag ... tree limbs falling --> houses and cars damaged.  A neighbor's tree limb fell onto my car, smashing out the back window and doing some serious damage to the roof and trunk.  We were without power for 7 days ... the temperature inside the house got down into the 30's.    
2. What is a sound or noise you love?
Oh gosh, so many things come to mind ... hearing ocean waves hitting the beach, hearing the grands giggle, hearing them say "Nana, come look" or "Nana, will you play with me?" ... but I guess the sound I love the most is when I hear them tell me that they love me

3. Do you like seafood? What's your favorite seafood dish?
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seafood!  That's one of the reasons that our travel destinations always include the beach.  If I had to pick a favorite, I guess I'd say grouper, cooked just about any way.  Aw man, now I'm hungry for some fresh seafood!   

4. What part of your day requires the most patience?
Probably late afternoon?  I seem to hit a wall in the late afternoon ... when it's too late to take a nap.  Because I'm dragging, I do find my patience does wear a little thin.  

5. What's your favorite shade of blue?
A midnight blue.  Deep, rich, not too overpowering.

6. Do people underestimate you?
Some have.  There was some ugliness that came with the last position I held at the University; I'm proud to say that my on-the-job performance changed some minds.

7. When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
When I got up to "show off" T#3's "big boy" quilt at the guild meeting last month.  Beforehand and in hindsight, it seemed like such a no brainer ... hold up the quilt, explain a little about it, go sit down.  But I am NOT a public speaker.  

8. Insert your own random thought here, and remember...I have a wooden spoon and I'm not afraid to use it.
I am SUCH a creature of habit ... I have the same thing for breakfast every. single. day and I generally have the same thing for lunch every day, too.  Boring?  Not to me.  ;-)  I just find something that I really like and just "go with it".    


  1. WHAT! you tell us all that you eat the same thing every day and don't tell us what it is??? Hay there, don't leave us (and I really mean me) hanging. Spill it Nana!

  2. I am so with you on being a creature of habit. I also have the same thing for breakfast and lunch 90% of the time. It's just easier that way. :o) Then I can save my brain power for bigger decisions. :o)

    We know all about those ice storms and the damage they can do. My husband is an insurance agent and hail and ice storms are his worst nightmare.

    Thanks for your help today! Blessings!

  3. I'm with Lynn-what do you eat?
    I love grouper too...we were just in Florida and I had a grouper sandwich both days for lunch. We don't see grouper up here.

  4. You are so right about the beauty of an ice storm, especially when the sun comes out and everything's sparkly.

  5. I'm not much of a late afternoon person either...and I also eat basically the same thing for breakfast each day, until I get tired of it--then I change.
    It's hard to beat the sounds of the beach and those grandkids, isn't it?

  6. Ok, y'all asked ... for breakfast, I have steel cut oats with a banana (sliced) and add a bit of brown sugar then mix it all together. For lunch, I have a ham sandwich with some yogurt. I was a little reluctant to post that ... because it sounds even more boring than just saying that I have the same thing every day. :-o

  7. I only have one grandaughter but to hear her calling me is so awesome.

  8. I tend to be a creature of habit too. Sometimes I end up changing things up--not because I get bored, but because I feel like I should. : )

  9. Hi there, I so relate to your answers except for Grouper. I love the beach but wouldn't want to live there because I'd be away from my grands.
    I don't eat the same things every day but close to it.
    Thank you for sharing about your life.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. You're so right on the beauty of ice storms. I've lived through a couple and they are gorgeous to look at. As long as I can do it from home and not have to get out in it, I'm good.

  11. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day but I have to change around my lunches.

    I would have absolutely died if I'd had to endure those temps during the ice storm. When we lost power from an ice storm and our house got down to 58, I thought that was bad!

  12. It's such dangerous weather but certainly the most beautiful on the trees. Loved reading your answers. Very interesting about your breakfast and lunch!

  13. It's such dangerous weather but certainly the most beautiful on the trees. Loved reading your answers. Very interesting about your breakfast and lunch!

  14. I only have one grandaughter but to hear her calling me is so awesome.


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